Dante Sabel tops Valentin Petrov

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Dante Sabel fucks Valentin Petrov

What is it about barns that are so darn sexy? Is it all the hay? Is it the big tools hanging on the wall? Or is it the sweaty work and the manly men that one usually associates with a barn? Who knows. All we know is that when we stumble into this barn we are happy to find two very sexy young men taking the proverbial “roll in the hay”.

Chiseled and hunky Valentin Petrov along with sexy black stud Dante Sabel are going at it. Their hands and mouths are a frenzy of intense kissing, heavy groping, hurried stripping andhard cocks stroking.

Valentin eats up a big mouthful of sweet dark meat, devouring Dante’s rock hard cock. As Dante enjoys those wet lips around his cock he reaches around and slips his hand down the back of Valentin’s tight jeans. Wanting more, Dante helps Valentin out of those jeans then greedily gobbles up every inch of Valentin’s big dick.

Before long the urge to fuck takes hold. Valentin lowers his hot ass on Dante’s throbbing hard cock. Taking a ride on that juicy cock Valentin moans and groans as he grinds his ass hard and deep. Fucking the daylights out of that ass Dante gets in position behind Valentin and plows it hard until his dark dick is ready to explode white cum.

After all that hard fuckin’ they lay side by side in the hay ready to take a load off together. Valentin moan’s “I’m gonna cum” as the juice starts to fly. Dante is right there with him as his swollen balls are drained.

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