Alec Leduc fucks big power bottom Christian Power

April 24, 2013 · Posted in Men of Montreal, trial membership · Comments Off on Alec Leduc fucks big power bottom Christian Power 

Alec Leduc fucks Christian Power at Men of Montreal

An episode of firsts, twists and turns… Sometimes your best plans for a shoot are thrown off the rails by the spontaneous and unexpected. This scene, as you will see, has a succession of these. We have been testing the waters recently with Alec Leduc about bottoming, but he has never put anything up his ass before and has been quite nervous about the idea.

Our first surprise of the day occurred when he arrived for the shoot. He told us that he wanted to take his first steps with anal play. So Christian Power, being the gentle giant that he is, offered to help out and, suddenly, being the good bottom he is, he became the mentor. He volunteered to do some anal play with toys and see where that would lead Alec.

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Latino hunk Diego Sans fucks Adrian Fields’ bubble butt

January 22, 2013 · Posted in Randy Blue · Comments Off on Latino hunk Diego Sans fucks Adrian Fields’ bubble butt 

Diego Sans fucks Adrian Fields

It happens all the time. You are sitting there at work trying to get a deadline done but the cock straining against the tight fabric of your jeans is begging for attention. The only solution is to do what Diego Sans did. Pull up your favorite Randy Blue porn, release the beast and picture yourself fucking one of our delicious porn stars.

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Straight hunk Stu gets his cock sucked by Aiden

January 8, 2013 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Straight hunk Stu gets his cock sucked by Aiden 

Aiden services Stu

I am really, really excited that Stu is back! He’s just so adorable from head to toe, with a great muscular body, nice hairy legs, and a beautiful ass. I wanted to make sure that his cock got a good working over. He seemed excited about it and for a newbie he wasn’t nervous at all.

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