Colin fucks Anthony’s tight ass

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Colin fucks Anthony

Two of the hottest boys on Broke Straight Boys are on the futon today; Anthony and Colin. There was very little in the way of pre-fuck talk as they were more than ready to get down to the action. Laying down on his front along the futon, Anthony had his jeans pulled down over his ass by a rather eager Colin. His hands full of Anthony’s nicely shaped ass, Colin squeezed and massaged the round globes before giving one ass cheek a hard slap, which Anthony obviously appreciated.

‘Smack me harder than that if you want?’ dared Anthony, Colin taking up the challenge and smacking the pale skin hard enough to leave red handprints. Quickly shucking off his clothes, Colin grabbed a bottle of lube and slicked up Anthony’s tight hole. With one finger, Colin slowly worked the lube into Anthony’s ass, much to Anthony’s pleasure. Colin told Anthony to show off his tight ass to the camera, Anthony quickly obliging so that there was a clear shot of his smooth ass, all the while, Colin fisted his own dick in order to get down to some fucking. Continue reading…

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