The hottest gay jock sex – Shane Frost fucks Trey Turner

June 3, 2012 · Posted in Dominic Ford 

Shane Frost fucks Trey Turner

Dark and slightly hairy, Trey Turner has a move in this video with Shane Frost that I have actually never seen before in a hardcore shoot. Now, you have to consider that I have seen a whole lot of gay jock sex in my time. I’m a real hardcore porn fan and there isn’t much that I haven’t seen done between two horny muscled guys from self sucking to double fisting.

But Trey Turner has a move that can only really be described as a backwards reversed cock swallow.

Seriously, as if watching this hardcore gay jock sex wasn’t hot enough, we have to marvel as Trey leans back, with his solid dick up in the air, deep throating Shane Frost’s hard shaft while his head is upside down in his lap!

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I wasn’t really expecting acrobatics from the Dominic Ford site, but when the guys are as hot as these two I definitely ain’t complaining about some circus skills!

Of course, there’s a whole lot more about this gay jock sex video that is delicious, from all the shared dick swallowing as the guys orally pleasure their buddy, to the deep ass slamming butt fuck Trey Turner takes from his buddy Shane.

They really go at it in this one, and as always it’s filmed perfectly and shows every slip and slide of a wet and solid cock easing into a mouth or a tight ass. I don’t think there are many sites that have this kind of action, filmed so well, and with so much style and passion thrown in too.

The best thing about this video is the obvious fact that they are so into each other. In my opinion you can always tell when guys are really into it by the power of the cum load and the mess they make at the end. And both these guys shoot a healthy load of jizz by the time they’re done!

I wonder what other special moves Trey Turner has that we might not have seen yet?

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