Gay locker room sex – Cliff Jensen fucks Ryan Sharp

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Cliff Jensen fucks Ryan Sharp

Gay locker room sex is some of the hottest you can have, and I’m talking from experience there! But whether I’m sharing cock with a buddy at the gym or in a sauna, or watching a hot and horny video like this one from the Big Dicks At School site, I know it’s gonna make me cum real hard.

For a start, I love Cliff Jensen, he reminds me of so many young guys I’ve shared my dick with – guys who are mostly into pussy but won’t turn down some shared jerking, sucking and tight ass if they get the chance. And just like young gay boy Ryan Sharp in this shoot, I would be doing all I could to get some of that dick in me.

They’re buddies in school, and hanging out in the locker room and talking about some hot ass is getting the boys really horny for some action.

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Cliff Jensen has had his eye on this chick, and he loves her butt especially. But young Ryan Sharp is adamant that his butt is just as sexy. I guess you can tell that this is going down the path that so many other school friends take, and soon Ryan is showing off his peachy butt and the boys are then comparing their cocks!

Horny Ryan can’t hold back once he sees that juicy cock, and in the hope of getting some gay locker room sex he offers to suck on it for his buddy. Of course, Cliff can’t turn down a free blowjob, but once he feels that hot mouth sucking on his pole he can’t turn down a taste of Ryan’s solid dick either.

That’s when Ryan finally gets his wish and the real gay locker room sex kicks off. Cliff eases the swollen head of his shaft into that tight little hole, following it with inch after inch of his throbbing tool until his buddy has it all. The fucking is intense as Ryan takes a real pounding, laying back on the bench as his buddy humps his hole and takes them both to a creamy cum squirting ending!

Excuse me guys, even after cumming to that hot video I think a trip to my nearest cruisy locker room is in order!

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