Denver Grand gives up his virgin ass

April 28, 2012 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys 

Conner fucks Denver

Denver grand is one straight boy who’s really learned a lot in his short time on the Broke Straight Boys site. I mean this guy has really discovered what it feels like to have another guy sucking his dick and he’s discovered that he has a taste for hard and leaking boy cock too!

But this is definitely further than this straight boy has ever gone before as he gives his virgin ass to Connor

Quickly hard and ready to go, Denver Grand is soon on his knees and deep throating Connor’s hard and meaty cock. He jerks himself off as he slides his mouth along the length of that dick and tries not to gag on the swollen head hitting the back of his throat.

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The boys are on the bed next as Connor gets a taste and simultaneously spends some time easing that virgin ass open with a thick dildo. I love watching straight boys sucking cock, and the way Connor works that dick in his mouth as he fucks Denver Grand with that toy is really hot to watch.

I’ve had a guy do that to me once, with a vibrating toy. I have to confess that I didn’t have enough time to warn him before I shot one seriously big cum load and filled his mouth.

Thankfully, Denver Grand is able to control himself as he experiences having his butt played with and his hard cock swallowed too, while working over Connor’s hard cock and pleasuring the dude with some professional tongue action.

But seeing these straight boys fucking is what we’re really here for, and when Denver is lying on his front with his perfect virgin ass there for the taking, Connor climbs on and eases his fuckmeat between those cheeks!

I always love seeing straight boys fucking on this site, but this one is a real horny show as Connor humps that ass and slides his cock in and out of Denver Grand!

They always know how to film their straight boys perfectly on the site, and I know a lot of the other members were looking forward to seeing this straight boys virgin ass getting stuffed with dick. You won’t be disappointed seeing how well Denver takes it, and all the cum these boys dump for each other at the end!

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