Haigan slams gay boy Robbie at Southern Strokes

February 18, 2012 · Posted in Southern Strokes 

Haigan fucks Robbie

Holy fuck I’m in love! I just don’t know which of these hot uncut muscle boys I’m more in love with! lol

Robbie is the gay boy who I would absolutely fall for in an instant. He’s not only handsome, he has an awesome tight little body and a really delicious uncut cock. I fucking love foreskin on a dudes dick – no cut cock tastes like an uncut dick – and whenever I get the chance to blow an intact guy I’m on it faster than a preacher on a $5 crack whore.

Haigan is the equally gorgeous darker lad in this video from the guys over at Southern Strokes, and he loves sliding his dick into a gay boys butt. So I guess he’s been teamed up with the perfect boy for this video!

Southern Strokes videos

Haigan is pretty rough when he slides into a guy, desperate to bust his nutt. But although he really wanted to cum and use his new gay boy toy for the pleasure, he surprised me by leaning in and roughly kissing Robbie on the lips!

Still, that flicker of tenderness is soon gone when he grabs Robbie again and shoves him down to gobble in his cock. Robbie doesn’t put up a fight though, this gay lad likes it a little rough, and he submits to the face fucking that uncut cock gives him and takes all those hard inches down!

After checking the smooth and tight hole Haigan is about to slide into, and spitting between those cheeks, he slides his cock in deep. Man, it’s a good thing Robbie likes a hard ass fuck, because that cock really rams him good!

Haigan slams his gay boys hole, fucking him hard and flipping him over to watch his bottom boy jerking himself off as he pumps his dick in and out of his chute. And I guess that tops cock does the trick, because soon Robbie is splashing out his cum load and decorating his abs.

You know what the sight and smell of a fresh warm cum load does to a guy buried in a tight ass, and Haigan can’t hold his cream in his balls and pulls out to wank himself off, erupting his semen in squirts, raining it down all over Robbie’s sticky body!

Fuck, after that I think I need a cold shower. But perhaps maybe another jerk off first?

Watch the full length scene at Southern Strokes


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