Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi fuck Chris Porter

February 13, 2012 · Posted in Raging Stallion, Rear Stable 

Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi fuck Chris Porter

I think it’s pretty obvious who the luckiest fucker in this muscle dick video is… it’s the one taking all that cock of course!

It might be a bit of a cliche, but I really do have a thing for Cowboys. There’s just something about a rugged and handsome dude in a plaid shirt that makes my cock twitch! All three of the guys in this video could claim my ass as their personal fuck toy any day of the week, but it’s lucky Chris Porter who taking both these masculine dudes on in this muscle dick threeway shoot from Raging Stallion.

If you’re a fan of Cowboy cock like I am, you’ve probably seen that they released their sequel to one of my favorite movies. This is another awesome scene from Cowboys Part 2, and I think it might be my favorite.

Cowboys 2

Chris Porter is enjoying a nap in the shade when Colby Keller decides it’s time for the lazy layabout to get back to work. But the kind of work he has in mind is something young Chris probably won’t shy away from!

All it takes is a little groping and the sight of Colby Keller’s rock hard cock and the guy is opening up to suck on it. He gets a nice face fucking as Tommy Defendi looks on. But with a sight like that to jack off to, he can’t resist getting involved and soon heads over to really kick off the muscle dick threeway with his buddies!

Stuffed with Cowboy cock from both ends, Chris Porter is in heaven (and making me totally fucking jealous!) as he feasts on Tommy’s meat and feels Colby slamming his hole from behind. The guys swap and soon Tommy is the one riding that chute as Colby jerks himself off to the live show.

You know this muscle dick threeway can only end with a whole lot of cum splashing out of those hard pricks. But who will shoot the most? You’ll have to watch the video and see!

Watch the full video at Raging Stallion


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