Battle of the Tops: Jake and Tommy

February 7, 2012 · Posted in Cocky Boys 

Jake Bass fucks Tommy Defendi

By now, everyone knows that here at Cockyboys we like to push the boundaries and try new stuff. We’re quite the innovators in fact. But being an innovator comes with its own responsibilities. You got to be able to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. So we decided to put our models to the test and do something fun.

Battle of the Tops

We already knew that both Tommy Defendi and Jake Bass know how to fuck hard and balls deep. But can they do it while filming the whole action all by themselves? Fuck yeah, they can! Actually, that was the easy part. The problem with a situation like this, however, where you have two tops is to figure out who’s fucking and who’s getting fucked. Both of them wanted to be on top so they decided to flip a coin for it. And it was Jake’s lucky day.

The lil fucker dodged a serious bullet or in this case; a monster cock up his sweet little ass. And it turns out, Tommy is quite the multi-tasker actually. He managed to shoot his load with his right hand, while getting plowed by Jake, and film his own cumshot with his left hand- all at the same time!! And you thought you had seen it all already, didn’t ya?

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