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June 23, 2011 · Posted in Randy Blue, trial membership 

Damon Sparks jerks off at Randy Blue

With his thick mop of jet black hair, boy band good looks, and hot mostly smooth body, Damon Sparks is one hot hunk of man.  At five foot ten and one hundred and sixty five pounds of solid muscle, Damon walks in the room and turns heads no matter where he goes.  He works hard at the gym to give him such a well defined smooth muscular jock look but it’s his active lifestyle that keeps him in such exquisite shape.

He loves mixed martial arts and surfing and anything else that gets him outside working that hot body of his.  You can just imagine his body with a light sheen of sweat or glistening with sea water, breath heavy from all the jumping and maneuvering, and finally settling down beside you looking longingly at your face with his beautiful deep brown eyes.  His deep voice almost gives you goosebumps as you feel his breath on your lips.

He leans in for a kiss and you melt into his arms.  Think of this as you watch him slowly work his huge piece of meat, working his fingers up and down the shaft as the muscles in his biceps flex giving him just the right movement for a perfect jerk off.  And think of how hot it would be if Damon was standing above you as his nice thick load slowly pours from the head of his dick, pooling on your chest after getting fucked by this gorgeous hunk.

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