Every straight boy has his price

May 21, 2009 · Posted in Broke Straight Boys 

Come with an open mind. That is what the photographer at Broke Straight Boys told Logan to do when coming back to the studio for another shoot. Logan is totally straight and has done two videos for Broke Straight Boys; one was a solo and the other was a jerk off video with another guy. So, what does “come with an open mind” really mean when you are dealing with straight boys? It means that a straight boy is going to get his straight boy cock sucked. That is what it means.

Logan agreed to get his cock sucked; but only by a girl. When the time came in the shoot for him to get sucked in walked David, a gay guy that dreamed about being with a cute straight boy. Logan is broke and needs money, so what choice did he have? It wasn’t long before David’s mouth was all over Logan’s cock. Each motion was bringing Logan one step closer to a climax until his body began to tighten up and his straight boy cum started to shoot. Every straight boy does have his price.

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