Thor and Riley at Randy Blue

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Ever since Thor Sigurdson came to Randy Blue members have been going crazy for his innocent face and wicked cock. In this scene he was paired with the cock hungry, Riley Price. Riley immediately goes for Thor’s cock as if he has something to prove. The chemistry seems to grow rapidly right before your eyes. In no time Thor rams a dildo into Riley’s hungry hole. Riley takes every thrust with joy and anticipation knowing that soon it will be Thor’s cock plunging deep inside him. When Riley finally did get that meaty cock inside him it was like a switch was turned on and Riley almost squealed with pleasure.

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Scally lads Lewis and Kez

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This was a shoot we did up in Manchester. On the day of the shoot one of the original models pulled out, so I contacted Lewis to see if he was free. Fortunately he was, and by a remarkable coincidence, he had actually met Kez before in real life! Kez is from near Liverpool and Lewis now lives In North Wales, although he used to live in Manchester.

Anyway the boys were looking well chavvy in their trackie bottoms and tops. They were soon getting down to business as they snogged each other and gradually stripped off. They worked their way down each others bodies, with Kez being the first to pull down Lewis’s trackie bottoms to get going on some deep cock-sucking action. Of course it wasn’t long before Lewis returned the favour, and before long the lads switched position and startedsome horny 69-ing action.

Next the lads had some rimming fun, with each taking turns to eat the other lads’ ass. Lewis also fingered Kez to get him loosened up for the ass pounding that was to follow. Lewis then bent Kez over the bed and proceeded to fuck this bad boy hard. After that Kez lay on his back, legs in the air, as Lewis plunged his dick inside his tight man hole. Dirty boy Kez loved this!

These scally lads then spunked their loads, with Lewis spurting his cum into Kez’s face and mouth, with Kez licking off any remaining spunk from Lewis’s cock. As a bonus we then filmed the boys having a shower together, as they soaped up and rubbed each other down.

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Brant’s job interview

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Men Hard At Work

During orientation new hire Brant Moore decides to put workplace policy to the test with some good old fashioned sexual harassment. When he sees that his boss, Jason, is actually turned on by his actions, Brant realizes his new job is perfect for him!

Men Hard At Work

Men Hard At Work is a brand new site, packed with lot’s of hardcore movies in high quality. To celebrate the launch of Men Hard At Work, you get the chance to join with an awesome discount.

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Blowing Nicholas

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Blowing Nicholas Luv

Nicholas Luv is one of the most sexual guys you’ll ever meet. This stud has no trouble getting pussy, often scoring multiple hook-ups when he’s out at the clubs. He makes the women cream with his big, thick dick, and the rougher the sex, the better. But Nicholas readily admits that most chicks can’t keep their mouth around his massive cock long enough to give him a worthy blowjob.

Skittish of male sexual contact, Nicholas wore a mask in his first blowjob video, because Mike wanted him to experience the sensation without being distracted. To Nick’s surprise, he not only popped a creamy load, but he actually enjoyed it!

Blowing Nicholas Luv

Nicholas admitted that he freaked out a little after the first shoot, but he soon came to his senses and realized that enjoying an awesome blowjob, even though it was from another guy, didn’t make him any less straight.

That being the case, Mike wanted to make sure that Nicholas truly appreciated the difference between a woman sucking his cock out of obligation and a cockhound sucking his cock out of pure joy. By the sound of things, it’s a lesson that Nicholas Luv is not soon to forget!

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Mika, Jamie & Kai

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The threesome scene from the FreshSX Young movie ‘The Apprentice II’ is uber hot! Ultra hung Mika Poika, street stud Kai Cruz and hottie Jamie Summers battle it out to win the ultimate porn contest.

Sandwich fuck

They know that only the hottest guy can win and they fuck for their lives – the sandwich fuck is amazing as is the rest of this hot hot scene!

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Blake, Cody & Derrek

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Randy Blue Trio

The idea to put Derrek Diamond, Cody Fallon and Blake Riley together came to me one day when I was chatting with Derrek. We were talking about the Halloween movie we did last year, A Taste of Blue, and he jokingly said that he didn’t like it because he didn’t get to have sex with Blake and Cody. So strapping on my fairy godmother wings I made some calls and Derrek got his wish. We even joked about calling this, “A Taste of Blue: The Morning After”.

Randy Blue Trio

They all had such a great time and were so into each other that this video pretty much shot itself. We were plagued with technical difficulties, but the energy was running so high that day and the action is so amazingly orgasm inducing, that left all the little glitches in. Even their little “wardrobe malfunction” stayed because I thought it added to the uninhibited fun of the afternoon.

After it was all said and done, this video reminds me of a bunch of fuck buddies getting together and leaving a video camera on to capture the action. Everyone gets to suck some cock, all three take turns being the bottom and the top, and the most amazing thing is that they all cum within seconds of each other.

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Connor, Kyle and Dawson

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Corbin Fisher trio

Kyle and Connor are certainly two of the hottest new arrivals to CF and so I was tremendously eager to see what we could get them to do on camera and gauge their comfort levels around other guys.

I wanted to encourage them to try stuff out that would be new and different enough to make it all hot, but nothing too wild and crazy that could potential freak either of them out. After all, we’re going for hot! Not traumatic! haha.

A circle jerk was the perfect opportunity to see just how the guys would react to being in an unfamiliar situation with another guy. To help make things that much hotter, as well as run that much more smoothly, one of CF’s more experienced studs needed to be around to help things along.

Corbin Fisher threesome

Dawson was the perfect candidate for this, as he’s not only a guy other models can all easily relate to but is also so comfortable and easygoing in front of the cameras that his presence can’t help but put the other guys at ease and help make sure the video is more than just a couple nervous looking guys stroking themselves off and avoiding any and all eye contact or conversation with the other.

Indeed, having the guys check each other out a bit, contrast and compare, and talk to one another would be key to making this video as hot as possible, and Dawson would be key to helping that happen!

Corbin Fisher Trio

If you’re a fan of hot young blond men, you’d best be careful watching this video. Three of the hottest young blond men imaginable all strip down, share a bed, and stroke off side by side! It’s definitely intense! And one of the coolest parts of it all, to me, was the order in which the guys got off!

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Mark Talon jerks off

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College Dudes

Mark Talon is a sexy law student who does not mind showing us his briefs. . . and more! In this hot solo we see Mark stroke his cock for all it is worth, and you can tell he is really enjoying it.

College Dudes

Mark works up a sweat as he rubs his chest, plays with his humongous balls and fingers his juicy cock-head. This is a great jerk-off vid, and Mark knows how to turn people on. After he has stroked it all over the couch, he delivers a nice thick load of cum.

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