Blowing Nicholas

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Blowing Nicholas Luv

Nicholas Luv is one of the most sexual guys you’ll ever meet. This stud has no trouble getting pussy, often scoring multiple hook-ups when he’s out at the clubs. He makes the women cream with his big, thick dick, and the rougher the sex, the better. But Nicholas readily admits that most chicks can’t keep their mouth around his massive cock long enough to give him a worthy blowjob.

Skittish of male sexual contact, Nicholas wore a mask in his first blowjob video, because Mike wanted him to experience the sensation without being distracted. To Nick’s surprise, he not only popped a creamy load, but he actually enjoyed it!

Blowing Nicholas Luv

Nicholas admitted that he freaked out a little after the first shoot, but he soon came to his senses and realized that enjoying an awesome blowjob, even though it was from another guy, didn’t make him any less straight.

That being the case, Mike wanted to make sure that Nicholas truly appreciated the difference between a woman sucking his cock out of obligation and a cockhound sucking his cock out of pure joy. By the sound of things, it’s a lesson that Nicholas Luv is not soon to forget!

Watch the full length movie over at Mike Hancock and see how Nicholas enjoys this blowjob.


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