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Liam Magnuson asks his overnight trick (Blake Savage) to let himself out, but when he gets home at the end of the day – the creepy fuck friend is still there! Trying to make Blake understand that he has to leave, Liam decides to make his point crystal clear by using Blake as an object and tossing him out.

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Handling the hose

Sexy poolboy Andrew Stark isn’t watching what he’s doing and knocks Jessie Colter (and his phone!) into the pool. Jessie is outraged and demands Andrew make it up to him in Drill My Hole style!

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Paddy O'Brian fucks Issac Jones

There are some guys in the hardcore gay porn business that get my cock really throbbing. The first time I ever say Paddy O’Brian and his big straight cock in his very first solo jerk off shoot I was so desperately hoping we’d see him back for more.

This gorgeous London lad has really taken to the hardcore gay porn world though, and since that nervous jerk off he’s become an amazingly popular hunk!

He’s now appearing over at – the mega site covering all kinds of hardcore action, and he’s fucking the awesome Issac Jones for this one too (drool).

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Phenix Saint fucks Marc Dylan

Oh man, I’ve been a Phenix Saint fan for so many years, and he has never looked hotter in my opinion. I recall seeing this hunk of manly muscle way back when he was a young man, slim and with that big thick cock swinging about, nervously jacking himself off for the cameras.

He’s definitely come a long way since those first solo videos, but now it’s almost time to say goodbye as he recently announced his retirement from the hardcore gay porn business. I know, it almost makes you want to cry! But at least we get to see him in this hardcore ass slamming video!

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Trenton Ducati fucks Jessie Colter

There are some sites out there that are pretty new, and I’ve really been getting into some of them in recent months. The Drill My Hole site has to be one of the best in my opinion, and they really do things a little differently to so many of the other sites out there.

For guys like me who really enjoy hardcore and masculine fucking you can’t beat a site like this where they really know how to slam some ass with some solid muscle cock. The guys they have are some of the biggest muscle jocks in the business, with some of the juiciest dicks and a real passion for sharing them with their co-stars.

And they really get into the story and theme of a shoot on this site too, as you can see from this awesome hardcore muscle cock video with the gorgeous Jessie Colter and Trenton Ducati. I don’t always get into the themes, but the way these guys get some energy and raw action going with their stories really does add a lot to it.

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Ricky Sinz and the Ross Twins

How many of us have a thing for twins? I know, it seems like a typical straight fantasy, but I know that a lot of guys really get off on seeing two brothers like the Rosso twins in a hardcore video. I’ve seen a few sets of twins in hardcore gay porn now, and I think they’re always popular. But the Rosso twins have to be favorites I think!

The twin jocks in this video are simply awesome. I love these dudes, they’re handsome, so horny, and they have some really hot balls that hang heavy and overflowing with cum. I can imagine the kind of fun I would have with these twin guys!

The lucky Ricky Sinz is the guy getting to claim those hot boys tight muscled asses in this awesome video from the Drill My Hole site, being initially brought in by the young guys to teach them some moves in the ring…

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Gavin Waters, Ricky Sinz and Sebastien Keys

Ricky Sinz is back again, dominating some man hole and using the mouths and cocks of some unwilling participants. I fucking love these forced gay sex videos from Drill My Hole, and when it’s Ricky leading the way with his awesome muscled and inked body and that rock hard muscle cock I’m quickly sitting back and wanking myself off to the show.

So you know what the deal is with Ricky Sinz. I guess he’s one of those guys people try and take advantage of, but they’re clearly idiots. Would you mess with this dude?

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John Magnum fucks Kirk Cummings

Although I love the gay porn parody action, this scene from the Drill My Hole site is all about the muscle cock action rather than the whole Basic Instinct thing for me. The dudes fucking in this video are so horny and into the ass, you could have any story going on in the background to it and it wouldn’t really be important at all to guys jerking off to it like me! lol

John Magnum is the aggressive top interrogating horny jock Kirk Cummings in this Basic Instinct rip, and he has all the tools required for the job. Most notably, he has a long and thick muscle cock that he can gag the guy with as he forces it into that wet mouth!

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