Taylor fucks Quinn’s bare ass at Corbin Fisher

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Taylor barebacks Quinn

Well, Taylor’s certainly made a name for himself since arriving at Corbin Fisher! He’s regularly been popping up on CorbinFisherLive.com to chat with fans and show himself off on camera, and he and Quinn even did a duo show where they fiddled around a little bit. But, Taylor’s never gotten in to any full-on guy/guy action – and that’s changes right now!

Watch the full length video at Corbin Fisher

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Connor barebacks Meyer’s tight ass

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Connor and Meyer at Corbin Fisher

Meyer is one of those guys I didn’t think would do guy/guy action at all, much less get topped. He surprised me though, being so enthusiastic about it. It didn’t hurt that his first fuck was with Dawson and today Meyer gets fucked by another Corbin Fisher legend – Connor!  Meyer laughed about getting his cherry popped. He was still a little nervous and Connor calmed him down by telling him he was nervous his first time too.

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Zeb gets double fucked in this gay boy threeway!

April 28, 2012 · Posted in Corbin Fisher · Comments Off on Zeb gets double fucked in this gay boy threeway! 

Cameron and Jordan fuck Zeb

If you try and tell me you don’t like a gay boy threeway like this one or that it doesn’t do anything for you, I’ll call you a freakin’ liar!

And I know that a lot of guys choose a favorite in a gay boy threeway like this, but I really can’t! All three of the guys are so sexy and delicious to watch I would gladly get it on with any of them. Of course, the best thought is just being thrown in there with these boys and have my way with all of them at once, but then I am a little greedy like that.

Zeb is possibly the luckiest one in this gay boy threeway from the Corbin Fisher site, because he’s the one volunteering to have his sexy young ass stuffed with dick from both Cameron and Jordan. Of course, it goes without saying that there’s a lot of delicious dick slurping going on before that butt feels it’s first piece of hard dick meat.

Watch Cameron and Jordan fucking Zeb

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Greek God Connor fucks newcomer Sloan

February 14, 2012 · Posted in Corbin Fisher · Comments Off on Greek God Connor fucks newcomer Sloan 

Connor fucks Sloan

Hot newcomer Sloan kicks off his CF education with none other than Greek god, Connor. Lucky guy! I think you’re going to like Sloan. He has a great body, a handsome face, and is a fun and sexy guy to hang around with. Like many of the freshmen, he was a little nervous – only he was more nervous about having sex with Connor than he was about the cameras!

Connor makes him feel right at ease. He licks and kisses Sloan’s nipple before playing with Sloan’s dick through his underwear. That makes Sloan good and hard. Connor sticks that dick in his mouth and sucks it hard.

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Corbin Fisher: Travis fucks Jack

July 14, 2011 · Posted in Corbin Fisher · Comments Off on Corbin Fisher: Travis fucks Jack 

Corbin Fisher

Travis and Jack kiss, as Travis reaches for Jack’s cock through his shorts. He pulls Jack’s t-shirt off, revealing Jack’s lean, tight body. Of course, Travis has a pretty damn ripped body himself – so I’m glad he doesn’t waste any time getting his shirt off, as well!

Getting Jack flat on the bed, Travis kisses all Jack’s chest, nipples and abs. But that’s not all Travis wants to get his mouth on! He pulls down Jack’s shorts and starts sucking Jack’s dick.  Jack leans his head back as Travis blows him, his face showing that he is enjoying every second. Travis flicks his tongue on the head of Jack’s cock, then swallows the shaft.

Jack gets Travis’ long dick good and wet. Travis pulls Jack’s fuzzy ass up and eats him out, getting it ready for his cock. Travis spits on it and teases it with his finger. It’s so tight, that he chuckles when he can’t even get his finger inside Jack’s hole!  But Travis is a veteran … and he knows how to get inside a new guy.

He sticks his tongue deep in Jack’s hole. He teases it some more, only this time with his cock. He spanks Jack’s ass as before plunging into him in a reverse piledriver. Jack gets on his side. Travis takes him from behind. He slowly slides in and out, loving the feel of that tight ass wrapped around his cock. Travis drills in deep, as Jack jerks his own dick.

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Connor and Dru fuck Travis

October 2, 2010 · Posted in Corbin Fisher · Comments Off on Connor and Dru fuck Travis 

Travis crabwalks onto Connor’s thick cock. Dru sucks Travis’ dick once he’s fully mounted on Connor. Connor jackhammers his cock into Travis. It’s only about a minute and a half before Travis’ moans of pleasure turn into stuttering yells of ecstasy! “Dru-Dru-Dru I’m gonna cum!” Travis shoots a huge creamy load into Dru’s mouth.

But Travis is obviously still orgasming. He tells Connor to keep fucking him. Travis grabs his cock and jerks it even after he’s already come. I’ve seen Travis horned up before, but something wild is in his eyes now. He immediately wants Dru inside him.

Dru slides in and starts slamming into Travis. Travis sucks Connor’s dick and Dru fucks even faster. Travis is so ripped these days, you see every muscle in his abs tense as he’s getting pounded. His face shows he’s about to come a second time. Connor jerks a second big load out of him, spraying Travis’ chest and stomach with his own cum.

The end. Credits roll. What? We forgot something? Oh, yea .. Dru and Connor decide to fuck Travis at the same time! What a hot double penetration!

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Bryan fucks Kirk

November 19, 2009 · Posted in Corbin Fisher · Comments Off on Bryan fucks Kirk 

Up at the farm, Kirk got thrown right in to the thick of things with some guy/guy action. It was, to say the least, a risk taking a bunch of new guys out on this trip with us. It’s one thing to make your adult video or guy/guy action debuts in a controlled environment such as a studio. But to do it in a rural location requires a lot from those guys! Kirk did a great job of it, though, and that’s evident here!

Certainly, it helped that it wasn’t long into the action that Bryan had his lips wrapped around Kirk’s cock and was furiously bobbing up and down on it. Kirk’s facial expression and the noises escaping his own lips made it pretty obvious that Bryan was making him feel good!

Kirk even breaks out into a smile at one point and says, “That’s awesome!” as he looks down at Bryan sucking on him! Every time Kirk said or did something to share just how good he was feeling, it encouraged Bryan to suck harder and faster – he looks like a man on a mission while sucking Kirk’s dick and there were several points at which I was fearful that Kirk would shoot his load early!

Bryan finally breaks from sucking Kirk and lays on to his back so that Kirk can get down between his legs and start to suck on his big, uncut cock.

While Bryan was going the hard and fast route with his sucking, Kirk takes his time slowly working his lips and tongue up and down the length of Bryan’s dick as it gets harder and harder. It’s slick with sweat and as stiff as could be by the time Kirk moves up to get ready to start fucking him.

Read our Corbin Fisher review first or check out Corbin Fisher right now and watch Bryan fucking Kirk in the full length movie.

Straight boy Mario

November 3, 2009 · Posted in Corbin Fisher · Comments Off on Straight boy Mario 

Mario is the latest among the new, young college studs that joined us on our big trip out in to the rustic wild. A friend of his mentioned the site to us and that he’d probably be a good fit for us and, as you can see, he most certainly is! He’s 20, incredibly handsome, laidback, and with a hot bod.

Mario started pretty late as far as sex goes! It wasn’t until he was 18 that he finally got laid, but perhaps he’s just an old-fashioned kind of guy! Granted, he says his very favorite thing to do, sexually, is anal. He loves taking a girl in the ass! It always helps when a guy shows up with an appreciation for the joys of anal!

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Mario getting off in the full length movie.

Check out the Corbin Fisher review here!

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