Curtis jerks off and cums

November 22, 2009 · Posted in Buzz West · 1 Comment 

Curtis Hoffman fell right from heaven! He has such an angelic look and he’s so innocent at just 19 years old. Curtis is a San Diego native and spends lots of time at the local nude beach, which explains his lack of tan lines! Curtis has silky smooth skin from head to toe with a beautiful big dick and his smooth virginal ass is just as perfect. Curtis tells me that he’s attracted to women and men both, but never had sex with a woman.

I have a feeling he may never, but sssssh. Curtis edges himself over and over and precum oozes from his throbbing dick which just about sent me over the edge myself, but when he let loose with a two day load, it just kept coming! Load after hot load that covers his chest. I can hardly wait to work with him again!

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Troy blows himself

March 15, 2009 · Posted in Buzz West · Comments Off on Troy blows himself 

When I ran into Troy Michaels he told me that he was a huge fan, and was very excited about sharing his special talents with me! When he said he could blow himself, I had no idea just how big, and how flexible he was. He bent right over and sucked his own dick…standing up!

He blows himself laying on the bed, standing, sitting, every way I could think of. When he bent down and touched his dick on his forehead, I was beside myself. Troy spent years in Sweden, and I am very excited to introduce him back into the porn industry! Troy is looking better than ever, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I did! Get ready for this one gentlemen, this is an amazing performance!

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Vince gets a massage

February 8, 2009 · Posted in Buzz West · Comments Off on Vince gets a massage 

Vince said he had a massage at the Mall in a chair, but that’s it. He was so excited to get a real massage, and even more excited about the “happy ending”. I could feel Vince’s ass twitch with every close pass by his hairy hole, so I thought I’d see how far he would let me go. He lets out a moan when I slipped a finger in, and muttered, “that’s going to make me cum really fast if you keep doing that”. I backed off a couple of times to keep him on the edge until he couldn’t stand it any more and then I kept going. “Amazing” he said, and was SO happy, he couldn’t stop giggling. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too!

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Michael Cox at Buzz West

January 25, 2009 · Posted in Buzz West · Comments Off on Michael Cox at Buzz West 

I met Michael Cox at a party one night and thought he was just adorable. He knew what I did, and asked if he could talk to me for a minute. I took him to a private room, and he drops his pants and asked, “What do you think?”. I wasn’t expecting THAT, but it was a the beginning of a VERY fun night.

Turns out his friend brought him to the party just to meet me. Michael needed some cash to fly home for the Holidays, and I’m always one to help a man in need! Anyway, Michael tells me that he into girls AND guys, but he’s never done anything with a guy. He was Rock Hard telling me about his fantasy with a guy, and I can hardly wait to help him out with it!

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Nick plays with his FleshJack

May 15, 2008 · Posted in Buzz West · 2 Comments 

Buzz West

Nick is another one that you could look at and fall right into his eyes. He told me that he’s usually into girls, but recently experimented with his buddy Cooper! They’ve only done oral together, and Nick said he wants to take Cooper’s virgin ass on camera. I can hardly wait to film THAT one!

Nick and his FleshJack

When the camera’s started rolling, Nick’s voice slowed, and his eyes kind of got a sleepy bedroom look to them, and he really got into being filmed! He strips out of his clothes, and his hard dick flops onto his stomach with a loud smack. He never went soft after that.


Nick usually jerks off a couple times a day, but told me that he saved up almost two full days and he was really horny. When he stuck his hard dick into the FleshJack, he had to take it real slow. He plunges his cock in and out a few times, and pulls out to shoot a nice fat load that over flows his belly button.

Nick’s dick never got soft, he wiped up his mess, and went for a second. He fucks the FleshJack for a few more minutes, and pulls out to pump another load onto his tight abs. This guy is a sex machine, from his full kissable lips, to his throbbing hard cock, to his tight bubble ass!

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Get a FleshJack yourself

Kendall & Tanner

December 9, 2007 · Posted in Buzz West · Comments Off on Kendall & Tanner 

Buzz West

Buzz West

Get ready boys, because this massage is not like any others in the past!  Kendall helped me out with this one, but there’s a BIG twist.  Kendall’s fantasy fuck!  When Kendall starts daydreaming about Tanner’s HOT ass, you get to follow his fantasy and watch it ALL!  Kendall fucks Tanner in every position he can think of, and then we find ourselves back at the erotic massage.

Another fantasy, and we find Kendall with his pants down and fucking Tanner’s face until Tanner’s face is covered in cum!  Kendall snaps back to reality and finds himself jerking Tanner to a VERY happy ending!  This one’s gonna knock your pants off!……I mean…socks.

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