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Jaxon Ryder and Romeo James bareback

Romeo James’ hairy ass is filled by some bare dick from Jaxon Ryder. The newbie fucks Romeo in three positions. Although Romeo moans and groans, his rod is granite stiff for the entire ride. At the end his cum shoots out, first landing on his chest!

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Mick Torrence and Skyler Daniels swap blowjobs

Look who is making a quick return to Broke Straight Boys land! Georgia peach Mick Torrence. He shares the studio couch with Skyler Daniels. Skyler is slightly tired from all his birthday celebrating, while Mick is working hard to keep his anxiety on the down low.

“You can tell the nervousness is radiating off me, I’m sure,” Mick says. For some reason the two lads are sitting far apart from each other. That is rectified with Mick getting close, and putting his arm around Skyler. Who doesn’t love straight man bonding?

Today Mick will give dick sucking a go, giving and receiving. Apparently his roommate (a gay guy) asked Mick for the privilege of mouthing his meat, but it never happened. Today that unlucky roommate will get to see what could have been!

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Zane Tate and Johnny Forza

Be honest. Many of you hit your knees and prayed to Eros after Johnny Forza‘s solo. Your appeals have been answered because the New Jersey stud is back in the Broke Straight Boys studio. The straight lad is rather down because last time he was with us, he was certain that would be it.

“I didn’t think I was going to be back,” the sad boy tells the cameraman. “I need money. Again.” Zane Tate sits next to the perturbed stud muffin. Although Zane has been in only three action vids, few would complain about his sexual acting. Plus, there’s that freaking wang of his! Lord have mercy!

The models stand up, and take off their shirts. There’s some talk how Johnny will feel with a guy sucking his rod. “It’s going to be a weird. Not too happy for it,” Johnny says. Apparently only a few guys have asked for the honor of servicing him. The New Jersey boy is a lying liar. With his body, face, and mega dick, more that a few dudes have begged to kneel down.

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Liam Corolla fucks Brade Castro

There are a lot of things that get my cock throbbing, but the sight of two straight boys fucking and shooting their loads is definitely right up there at the top of the list. The Broke Straight Boys site has to be one of the most popular sites to watch that hardcore action too, and when I saw this video with Liam Corolla and Brade Castro fucking I knew you guys would want to see some of that action too.

Liam Corolla has only been on the site a couple of months, but I guess he knew that his solo wanking video would lead to more. You don’t get on a site like this with all those straight boys fucking each other without knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

Since that first jerk off he’s felt another guys cock, sucked some dick, fucked a boys ass and taken a dick up his hole too. So I guess this ass slamming video isn’t too new to him!

Brade Castro really got off on sucking his first cock in the last appearance, and this dark boy is about to go a whole lot further with Liam in this shoot!

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Blake Bennett fucks Jason

Blake Bennett has become one of the most popular guys at Broke Straight Boys very fast. Jason is another member’s favorite, so the expectations for this scene were pretty high. Even though, both of the guys were nervous at first, they certainly didn’t disappoint. The guys start out by stripping down and sucking each other’s dicks. Jason has some slick cock sucking skills, as Blake’s cock seems harder and bigger than ever before.

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Conner fucks Denver

Denver grand is one straight boy who’s really learned a lot in his short time on the Broke Straight Boys site. I mean this guy has really discovered what it feels like to have another guy sucking his dick and he’s discovered that he has a taste for hard and leaking boy cock too!

But this is definitely further than this straight boy has ever gone before as he gives his virgin ass to Connor

Quickly hard and ready to go, Denver Grand is soon on his knees and deep throating Connor’s hard and meaty cock. He jerks himself off as he slides his mouth along the length of that dick and tries not to gag on the swollen head hitting the back of his throat.

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Colin fucks Anthony

Two of the hottest boys on Broke Straight Boys are on the futon today; Anthony and Colin. There was very little in the way of pre-fuck talk as they were more than ready to get down to the action. Laying down on his front along the futon, Anthony had his jeans pulled down over his ass by a rather eager Colin. His hands full of Anthony’s nicely shaped ass, Colin squeezed and massaged the round globes before giving one ass cheek a hard slap, which Anthony obviously appreciated.

‘Smack me harder than that if you want?’ dared Anthony, Colin taking up the challenge and smacking the pale skin hard enough to leave red handprints. Quickly shucking off his clothes, Colin grabbed a bottle of lube and slicked up Anthony’s tight hole. With one finger, Colin slowly worked the lube into Anthony’s ass, much to Anthony’s pleasure. Colin told Anthony to show off his tight ass to the camera, Anthony quickly obliging so that there was a clear shot of his smooth ass, all the while, Colin fisted his own dick in order to get down to some fucking. Continue reading…

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Straight boys fuck each other for money

Jack and Jamie are in the studio today and as always, they are in desperate need of some quick and easy cash. Jamie is broke from paying bills while Jack’s girlfriend is suing him for child support. When Jack called up to ask if there were any shoots coming up, I told him that the only one available was if he took a cock up his ass. While Jack wasn’t too happy about the idea, the overwhelming need for dosh soon changed his mind.

Jack and Jamie had already done a scene together before so I knew that they would be able to take a few new things in stride such as some dildo play. The boys stood up and quickly stripped off their clothes, throwing them all over the floor before sitting next to each other on the bed and jerking themselves off to some straight porn in order to get hard. Continue…

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