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It was another sunny Saturday, which found us at our usual spot, hanging out in Venice Beach. It was late August, Labor Day was around the corner and another summer would soon be a memory. We figured we’d see who we could find hanging out, cruising the sand and soaking up rays.

Things didn’t look promising for a couple hours, and then we spotted a cute blonde dude walking along the shore with a boogie board under his arm. He was tan, skin covered in a thin layer of sea salt, and had a smile you could spot from a hundred yards away.


We grabbed the camera and walked over to start up a conversation. He told us his name was Torren and we got to talking about the usual stuff one brings up at the beach, the waves, beautiful weather, and since we got a gay vibe from him, the hot guys.

After chatting for about 15 minutes he pointed out a couple surf rats that he admitted wanting to bone and was totally horny after a day on the waves. We asked if he wanted a way to take care of that and make a little pocket scratch at the same time. He was totally down so we headed back to the hotel.

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