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Conner fucks Denver

Denver grand is one straight boy who’s really learned a lot in his short time on the Broke Straight Boys site. I mean this guy has really discovered what it feels like to have another guy sucking his dick and he’s discovered that he has a taste for hard and leaking boy cock too!

But this is definitely further than this straight boy has ever gone before as he gives his virgin ass to Connor

Quickly hard and ready to go, Denver Grand is soon on his knees and deep throating Connor’s hard and meaty cock. He jerks himself off as he slides his mouth along the length of that dick and tries not to gag on the swollen head hitting the back of his throat.

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Cameron and Jordan fuck Zeb

If you try and tell me you don’t like a gay boy threeway like this one or that it doesn’t do anything for you, I’ll call you a freakin’ liar!

And I know that a lot of guys choose a favorite in a gay boy threeway like this, but I really can’t! All three of the guys are so sexy and delicious to watch I would gladly get it on with any of them. Of course, the best thought is just being thrown in there with these boys and have my way with all of them at once, but then I am a little greedy like that.

Zeb is possibly the luckiest one in this gay boy threeway from the Corbin Fisher site, because he’s the one volunteering to have his sexy young ass stuffed with dick from both Cameron and Jordan. Of course, it goes without saying that there’s a lot of delicious dick slurping going on before that butt feels it’s first piece of hard dick meat.

Watch Cameron and Jordan fucking Zeb

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Jake Steel and Blake Savage

Gorgeous young Jake Steel is back in action on the Circle Jerk Boys site, and not a moment too soon either! I love watching this horny young guy in action, and Blake Savage is getting the kind of welcome he deserves too in this hard gay butt fuck video!

Blake is the new boy in town, and of all the boys he could have been teamed up with I think they chose the perfect match for that throbbing cock of his.

It’s a really horny game of hide and go seek when Blake Savage is almost caught looking through Jake Steel’s DVD collection, but he secretes himself behind the curtain when the lad comes in and finds the disarray.

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Adriano Carrasco dominates Issac Jones

The strange (and incredibly horny) drama continues in the epic end of world series from Lucas Entertainment in this duo with the hung hunk Adriano Carrasco taking control and fucking the cum out of inked dude Issac Jones with his big uncut muscle cock!

Captured and held hostage, hunky Issac is at the mercy of his horny captor – and his really long uncut cock too. He’s restrained and bound, but he knows a way to get his freedom when he feels the heat and the intense attraction between them.

Adriano Carrasco might not be all that bright, falling for his prisoner and needing to feel the cum erupting from his balls. He decides to take what he wants from his horny slave, not knowing that there might be a plan in the making.

Watch the full length video here

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Cody Lake fucks Ross Reed

Do you remember the first time you had a hard dick slide into your ass? I think most of us do, and seeing a gay ass virgin getting his tight hole slammed for the first time might take a lot of us back to that first time we sat on a dude’s meat.

Watching this hunk getting cock up his ass for the first time at Randy Blue definitely took me back to the time I rode my first meat pole!

This is the very first time hunky and dark muscled dude Ross Reed has ever had another guy sliding his hard cock into his butt, and from the way he rides that dick and wanks himself off I think he really enjoyed himself!

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Shadow Kiss

I remember when Anthony Romero first started out in gay porn. You could tell he wasn’t used to the taste of cock or sharing his own with another guy, but my… how things change!

I’m guessing he’s realized after the videos he’s appeared in that the dick actually tastes pretty good, and the feel of another guy’s prick in your hand or his shaft sliding into your ass is actually not as much of a turn off as he might have once thought! lol

He’s back in front of the cameras again, and this time he’s appearing alongside one of the true stars of hardcore gay porn – Cody Cummings!

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Christian Wilde fucks Marc Dylan

You might not have seen a lot of this action out there on the net yet, but I’m so glad I found the new Man Royale site, because this one is packed with some of the hottest and hardest action I think I’ve seen for a while!

It’s not that often I really get into a new site like this one so easily, but after watching some of their muscle jocks fuck, like Marc Dylan taking the hard shaft of the inked Christian Wilde in this video, I know it’s gonna be on one of the major hardcore gay porn sites in the coming years.

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