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Robert Riven is the lucky guy who gets topped by Thomas Rides’ big dick. The guys take turns stroking and sucking each others’ rock-hard cocks and licking each others’ tasty assholes. Thomas is good at everything he does, but he really shines when it comes to fucking. Robert bends over and backs into Thomas’s thick prick, taking in every inch.

From doggy style the guys roll into spooning where we get a good look at their feet while they fuck. The hottest part of this scene however has got to be when Robert hops on top of  Thomas for a ride.

Robert’s dick is fully erect and bobs up and down which each thrust. Thomas is about to blow so Robert hops off, allowing us to see Thomas splatter on his pubes. Robert makes sure to drop his load squarely onto Thomas’s perfect pecs.

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Extra Big Dicks

Trey Turner is back on and looking better than ever. He’s excited to help us welcome newcomer Evin Brampton. Trey walks in with some coffee for Evin to help him wake up but finds that certain parts of Evin are “up” bright and early as Evin strokes his morning wood. Trey brought in coffee but scores breakfast as he goes south to sample Evin’s thick sausage.

He savors every inch of that thick cock as Evin watches him service that meat. Trey opens wide as Evin shoves it in deep making him gag on it. Trey is rock hard as Evin gets on his knees to explore what he has to offer. Evin sucks on his cock as he strokes it making Trey moan with pleasure. The chemistry between these two is obvious as they take turns sucking each other’s cocks.

Evin then gets Trey on his back as he slides his thick uncut cock inside him missionary. “You like my ass?” Trey moans as Evin pounds him hard. Evin grabs Trey’s throbbing cock as he start to jerk him off as he impales him. Evin t! hen gets Trey up and bends him over to fuck that sweet ass doggy style.

“Pound my ass!” Trey orders as Evin grabs that tight waist of his and rails him harder. He starts to fuck that ass as he pile drives it home. Trey is jacking his cock faster as Evin pounds him deeper. He can’t hold his load for long as he shoots all over his own chest as his cock hangs above his head. Evin then sits back and pops his own nut all over his smooth abs and chest.

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Euro jock with uncut cock jerks off

Roman Stach is a 23 year old hottie from the Czech Republic. Roman is straight and has only had girlfriends, but he’s had a fantasy of jerking off on film, where the audience would be Gay men. Roman rubs his body, lifting his shirt where you can see his fantastic 6 pack abs. He unzips his jeans and rubs his package, staring deeply into the camera, striking some poses to show off his physically fit body.

He has a magnificent uncut cock, with a huge head. Roman shows off his hairy hole, as he spreads his cheeks for the camera. He sits a top of the marble pedestal and begins stroking his rock hard cock. Its obvious Roman is enjoying showing off for the camera! He leans back, legs up in the air and stretches his hole, giving an incredible view.

Roman lays back and with just a few strokes, he delivers a thick creamy cumshot across his stomach, which he begins rubbing all over his torso. Roman looks very content and happy to see his fantasy come true!

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Spunk Worthy videos

Brady is sort of a newbie. He actually tried his hand in porn with a solo shoot a few years ago on another site, but his military job got in the way and he fell off the radar. Recently, Brady got in touch saying that he was ready for another go.

Since his debut 3 years ago, Brady has been hitting the gym and started growing some sexy body hair as he’s developed into his early 20’s.

At 6′ 3″ and 225lbs, he certainly turns heads when he walks into a room. His broad shoulders might be one reason for that; for me, it’s his ass. It looks amazing even with his board shorts on. (And even better with them off!)

When Brady’s shorts dropped and he pulled out an equally head-turning cock, it got a little difficult to concentrate on keeping the cameras running. I couldn’t resist pulling out the measuring tape to check his size. Without much of a flinch, Brady’s hands moved away, leaving me in control.

Before I knew it, Brady was gripping the chair and gasping as he shot out a thick load that dripped down my hand.

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The Gay Office

Christopher is high powered executive constantly traveling on business trips leaving little time for relationships and even less for sex. On his way to a meeting Christopher sees Topher walking down the hotel hallway, Topher stunning – perfectly manicured, impeccably dressed. A well-dressed man is hard not to notice, seeing Topher DiMaggio armoured up in a business suit is a whole new level of sexy.

As they pass each other eye contact is made, but neither of them stop to say anything. Christopher takes a second glance over his shoulder as they pass, turns around and without saying anything looks into Topher’s eyes and hands him a business card. Nothing is said and they both continue in the opposite directions. The card couldn’t be more to the point, Christopher’s room number and a time.

The invitation is nothing more than a way to get Topher in his hotel room and let him fuck the cum out of him. Wow,Topher sure knows how to ride that willing ass!

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Dante Sabel fucks Valentin Petrov

What is it about barns that are so darn sexy? Is it all the hay? Is it the big tools hanging on the wall? Or is it the sweaty work and the manly men that one usually associates with a barn? Who knows. All we know is that when we stumble into this barn we are happy to find two very sexy young men taking the proverbial “roll in the hay”.

Chiseled and hunky Valentin Petrov along with sexy black stud Dante Sabel are going at it. Their hands and mouths are a frenzy of intense kissing, heavy groping, hurried stripping andhard cocks stroking.

Valentin eats up a big mouthful of sweet dark meat, devouring Dante’s rock hard cock. As Dante enjoys those wet lips around his cock he reaches around and slips his hand down the back of Valentin’s tight jeans. Wanting more, Dante helps Valentin out of those jeans then greedily gobbles up every inch of Valentin’s big dick.

Before long the urge to fuck takes hold. Valentin lowers his hot ass on Dante’s throbbing hard cock. Taking a ride on that juicy cock Valentin moans and groans as he grinds his ass hard and deep. Fucking the daylights out of that ass Dante gets in position behind Valentin and plows it hard until his dark dick is ready to explode white cum.

After all that hard fuckin’ they lay side by side in the hay ready to take a load off together. Valentin moan’s “I’m gonna cum” as the juice starts to fly. Dante is right there with him as his swollen balls are drained.

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Ricky and a stranger have sex in a crowded bar

In this week’s Out In Public update I’m out chilling with my boy Ricky. He spots this guy waiting by himself so Ricky decides to take matters into his own hands and just starts interogating this guy. He just goes right in and tells this guy the deal and the guy didn’t back down and took him up on his offer.

They went right into the little bar and thats when things got real crazy! My boy starts sucking this guy’s dick in the middle of this place with people right there playing pool… but thats not the best of it! You guys will love this update.

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Black men at Extra Big Dicks

Steven Ponce is back this week on and is gonna help us welcome a new face to the site Mr. Sean XL. Getting Sean out of his shorts was easier than expected. Steven kneels to feign his dismay but soon the two are making out hot & heavy. Sean kisses his way south along Steven’s chest as he pulls off his shorts. He takes care of Steven’s throbbing meat for a while before he wants some in return.

Steven gets on his knees as Sean stands up and hauls out his massive meat. Steven struggles as he tries to take it all in his mouth. Sean’s huge cock is growing by the second and is soon at full mast. Steven can’t get enough of that 9″ cock as Sean starts to fuck his face with it.Sean then gets Steven on his back so he can get a taste of that smooth ass he will soon own. Steven moans and begs for more as Sean tongue fucks his sweet ass.

Once that hot ass is nice and wet, Sean suits up and sits back. Steven straddles him and sits on it. “You’re big!” is all Steven can say as he gets his tight hole stretched wide. Steven then gets on all four as he bends over the couch. His hot ass is up in the air and ready for more as Sean slides his chocolate dick back inside.

His balls slap away at that hot ass as he picks up the pace pounding Steven’s hot ass even harder. From there he gets Steven on his back and gets right back in that hole missionary. Steven can’t hold back any longer as he explodes all over his chest and abs. Sean in right behind him as he too pulls out and coats Steven’s cum-covered body.

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