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Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack

With his carmel colored skin, incredibly handsome face and warm personality you won’t know if you want to snuggle with Sean Zevran or fuck his brains out.  On the surface he’s a little shy, and that large toothy grin makes you think of the whole boy next door thing.  But once he strips down and shows off that beautiful hairy chest of his, running his hands all over his hard pecs and down to his hard throbbing cock, you know this guy means business.

He loves sex in the shower so we started off by shooting him with hot steamy water cascading down his sexy body, just to fuel your fantasies a little more.  He loves sex, and especially loves to be rimmed.  And while his bashfulness might make you think he’s not as daring as you would like, he confessed to us that he’d love noting more than to have some hot steamy sex in the shower at a gym, a place where just anyone could walk in and catch him.  Between his adorable face and hot sexy body, Sean is sure to become a new Randy Blue favorite.

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Drill My Hole

Cliff Jensen and Jeydon Studley have been good friends since high school. Today, the two friends meet each other for a game of scrabble. Once they are done with the game, the guys decide to go for a beer. Cliff needs to take a shower first. While showering, he caughts Jeydon peeking at him and sniffing his jockstrap. Cliff goes crazy and decides to teach his buddy a lesson.

He grabs Jeydon and forces him to suck his big hard cock. It’s a wild face fuck and Cliff gets more and more exited. After the awesome blowjob, Cliff goes for Jeydon’s tight ass. He fucks that ass hard, rough and deep. Overwhelmed by the intense fucking, Jeydon can’t do anything else than letting Cliff destroy his ass.

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Max Morgan sucks Cody Cumming's big cock

It has been a while since we last blogged about our favorite bi-sexual porn star, Cody Cummings. In his latest video, well hung Cody feeds Max Morgan his thick cock by the poolside. Max Morgan is always hungry for cock and he does a great job servicing Cody. He works that cock like it’s the last cock he will ever taste. Good boy, here’s a reward for you; a huge load of Cody Cum!

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College Dudes fucking

Watch Teagan getting fucked hard by Jason

Jason Cooper tries his hand with some hot man-on-man sex with Teagan Scott in this scene. Jason and Teagan got along great when they met, but Jason was a little nervous before the scene began. However, when Teagan starts kissing Jason all over his body and grabbing at his dick, Jason begins to get really into it, kissing Teagan passionately and kicking his libido into overdrive!

Teagan works on Jasons cock, including a lot of deep-throating, which Jason obviously loves. Jason gets his first taste of cock and ends up loving it. Jason worships Teagans dick and even tries to get it all the way down his throat – not bad at all for a newbie! Once the fucking starts, Jason is intense, and he uses his big 6-3 body and hard cock to slam Teagan senseless.

After warming Teagan up doggie style, Jason flips him over and keeps pounding away, until finally Teagan erupts in a hot cumshot before receiving a huge load of Jasons signature cum-eruption. Really hot video!

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Randy Blue trial membership

When a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors goes bad, Andrew Stark and Roman Todd find that a tie means they both top and both bottom.  Regardless of which role either of them wanted, once they are naked and getting it on they forget all about what they started out seeking.

Andrew, sporting a freshly shaven clean cut boy next door look is quick to go down on Roman’s huge erection.  And Roman just can’t get enough.  After a while he gives Andrew his own earth shattering blowjob.  So Andrew, overtaken by a hunger to ram some man ass lays Roman down on the couch at starts fucking his horny hole.  And if Roman claims he’s not a fan of bottoming you would never know it as he’s riding Andrew’s cock.

And what’s good for one is good for the other so they flip flop fuck in hot hardcore style letting Roman get a good piece of Andrew’s sexy ass.  And he rewards him with a job well done by blowing a huge load of spunk all over Andrew’s handsome face and smooth chest.

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Extra Big Dicks bring Chasen Hart and Jason St.James together for a super hot, explosive fuck scene. Chasen is quick to remove his clothes and Jason can’t wait to get his hands on Chasen’s junk. He grabs Chasen’s cock that is already rock hard.

He undoes Chasen’s shorts and opens wide shoving as much of Chasen’s 9” cock into his mouth. Chasen moans as he watches Jason make everything better as his cock disappears into that hungry mouth. Chasen then gets up and strips giving Jason better access to his cock as he starts to fuck his face with it.

Back on the couch, Chasen leans forward and starts to explore the hot ass he’s about to own while Jason is still latched onto that meat of his. Chasen then slides on a Magnum and sits back to let Jason figure out how to get that thick dick in. Jason sits on that cock in a reverse cowgirl as it slowly starts to enter.

Jason starts to bounce up and down on that rigid meat as Chasen helps bounce him on his dick. Chasen switches it up getting Jason on the floor so he can fuck him doggy style. Jason moans turn to whimpers now that Chasen has full control and can shove that unforgiving cock as deep as he wants to.

He fucks that ass harder and deeper sending James over the edge. He shoots all over himself while Chasen feeds that hole more dick. Chasen then pulls his cock out and blasts his own nut, spraying ALL over one cum-drenched Jason.

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Black guys fuck a white drunk boy

Braxton has been drinking all afternoon and when he leaves the cafe, he can barely stand on his feet. When these two black thugs see Braxton stumbling out of an alley, they are quick to offer him some help. They grab his arms and guide him over the streets. Braxton has no idea where they are taking him to and what they are going to do to him. The two thugs are rock hard already, thinking about that little white ass they are going to fuck.

After they dragged Braxton up the stairs and open the door to their place, Braxton sees a bed and wants to lay down and take a nap. The black guys have other plans and strip him naked. They force Braxton to take their cocks in his mouth. Helpless and drunk as he is, he does what the thugs are asking him and the next minute he’s sucking two big black cocks.

After some cocksucking the black guys are really horny and want more from Braxton. They go for his ass and take turns fucking that tight white ass. Braxton feels pain and pleasure, while getting fucked in various positions. Once the thugs are done with their little toyboy, they unload their creamy loads allover Braxton’s body.

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Steve Burgey shows his foreskin

Hard, handsome, tattooed boxer Steve Burgey, with rugged, chiselled good looks, confidently strips off to show his tight, muscular body, and big uncut cock. He oils up his body, and jerks off for the Hard Brit Lads cameras before shooting SO hard he almost hits himself in the face.

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