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hot power fuck with Jack and Brez

Brez looks quite comfortable leant up in to Jack at the start of the film, but things quickly move on and soon Brez and Jack are pulling one another out of their clothes. Brez goes to town on sucking Jack’s thick uncut cock hard and Jack then stands up to get a more thorough blow job!

But it’s not long before these two guys feast on each other in one very hot 69 – Jack stands above Brez and feeds him his cock, then leans over and masterfully swallows all of Brez’s impressive length (and girth!)

With Brez’s cock still buried deep inside Jacks mouth, Brez asks to get rimmed and man, Jack loves to rim just about as much as he loves to fuck! He starts to feast on that ass and pulls Brez’s cheeks apart so that he can really dig his tongue in deep… and then it’s time to fuck!

Jack’s feeling rampant today and Brez gets it first in Doggy, then flat on his stomach where Jack makes the most of the fully submissive position! Then it’s a bit of spooning before Jack fucks Brez’s ass with his legs in the air… this is just too much for Brez who shoots a lovely thick load… and then he gets a nice facial from Jack and licks his dick clean.

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Sean Cody gay porn

I wish there were monitors that could show these guys off in full scale. I say this so that the size of Jarek and Calvin can be fully appreciated. Calvin is 6’2″. Jarek is 6’5″. Having these two big hot naked guys, dicks flopping and ready to fuck each other is sometimes just too much to handle. They were ready for each other the instant they met.

They were slapping each other’s asses, tweaking on nipples and talking about watching their films on the site. “Do you ever watch your own films?” I asked Calvin. “Um. Yeah, I watched one… it was me though. You ever hear of those people that watch themselves? It’s weird. I can’t do that.”

Well, I have to say that it’s not weird when you can take a dick as good as Calvin can. He bent over to show his hairy hole and Jarek jumped right in there — rimming it first, then teasing it with his uncut cock before finally letting him have it. Jarek pumped into Calvin with long steady strokes and then pounded into him as deep as he could. Calvin even grabbed onto his own ass and spread it open to take it in even deeper.

After that there was no stopping them. Jarek was making the headboard slam with every thrust. And Calvin was loving every minute of it. He did not want that dick out of him! He even managed to rotate on Jarek’s cock as he rode it without letting it pop out!

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Naked big dicked skateboarder

I just came across this amazing photo of a well hung skateboarder. I don’t know anything about the story behind this picture, other than the guy is freakin’ hot and has a nice thick cock.  I hope to see him riding something else than a board. If someone knows the name of this guy, please post it in the comments.

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Big dicked Sean Cody hunks

Ethan was not kidding about traveling the country after the last time he was here. I doubt he really did it in a van but he did turn into a bit of a mountain man — hiking the California mountains and lying around on the beaches of Hawaii. I was surprised to see him with a beard and actually found it to be very hot! There was a part of me that said, “Have him shave it” but then the other just kept saying, “Damn, he looks hot!”

Allen seemed to have liked it too. He’s just finished up school for the summer and was ready for some fun. I can’t say if the beard had anything to do with it, but he was on Ethan and his cock like there was no tomorrow. They couldn’t even wait to get to the bed to start fucking, and it wasn’t long before Ethan’s cock was leaking pre-cum with every pounding.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I swear they both shot the biggest loads I have seen either of them shoot before! Not a bad way for these two guys to get their summer going!

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Damon Sparks jerks off at Randy Blue

With his thick mop of jet black hair, boy band good looks, and hot mostly smooth body, Damon Sparks is one hot hunk of man.  At five foot ten and one hundred and sixty five pounds of solid muscle, Damon walks in the room and turns heads no matter where he goes.  He works hard at the gym to give him such a well defined smooth muscular jock look but it’s his active lifestyle that keeps him in such exquisite shape.

He loves mixed martial arts and surfing and anything else that gets him outside working that hot body of his.  You can just imagine his body with a light sheen of sweat or glistening with sea water, breath heavy from all the jumping and maneuvering, and finally settling down beside you looking longingly at your face with his beautiful deep brown eyes.  His deep voice almost gives you goosebumps as you feel his breath on your lips.

He leans in for a kiss and you melt into his arms.  Think of this as you watch him slowly work his huge piece of meat, working his fingers up and down the shaft as the muscles in his biceps flex giving him just the right movement for a perfect jerk off.  And think of how hot it would be if Damon was standing above you as his nice thick load slowly pours from the head of his dick, pooling on your chest after getting fucked by this gorgeous hunk.

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Sucking off Ashton Clarke's uncut cock

Upon meeting Ashton Clarke, 19, we knew immediately he was going to be perfect for Ashton has a gorgeous face and nice lean/fit body and a big uncut cock. This is Ashton’s first time appearing anywhere on video and we’re pleased to feature him here just for you! Aaron French begins his mouth magic and in no time, Ashton is rock hard and really enjoying his oral servicing.

Ashton takes his cock and rubs his pre-cum on Aaron’s lips. Ashton then begins to pump Aaron’s face; He really liked making Aaron gag & slobber on his pole. The more Aaron let Ashton have his way with his mouth and throat, the more Ashton kept bringing the hard thrusts. Ashton kept pumping Aaron’s mouth until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Aaron sucks Ashton’s cock until it blows.

Ashton’s fresh young spunk flies onto Aaron’s mouth and face. Aaron continues to suck and deep throat after Ashton shot his wad. Ashton keeps pumping Aaron’s mouth trying to get every last bit of cum down his throat. It worked, Ashton was totally drained and Aaron was full of cum. Ashton was really, really happy after this shoot and said he can’t wait for more!

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Big dicked amateur

Jerking off and shooting his load

Hung BFs

I love professionally made porn, but sometimes I search for hot amateur porn to get off on. Hot guys jerking off in front of the camera, sharing their private and intimate moments with the rest of the world are a huge turn on for me.

Any guy stroking his cock makes me horny, but I go wild for guys with big cocks. The guy in this movie is just perfect; he has a big cock and you can see he enjoys the wank. He shoots an amazing load onto his neck, shoulders and chest.

[flv: 550 411]

If you like hung amateurs as much as I do, you should really visit Hung BFs. It’s a site full of big dicked amateur boys stroking of on camera.

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Jimmy and Tony fuck for cash

Both Jimmy and Tony appeared on Broke Straight Boys before, but since they both got bills to pay, they are back to earn some extra cash. Jimmy is one of my favorite straight guys, so I am glad he’s back to do another scene for Broke Straight Boys. The boys sit down on the bed and discuss what kind of porn they like to watch. It’s really cool to see the chemistry between the both of them. They can get along quite well.

While watching porn, both guys stroke their cocks in order to get them hard. Jimmy is such a horny boy, he’s always hard in an instant. He’s got such a nicely shaped thick cock. When Tony is asked to suck off Jimmy’s cock, he leans over and wraps his lips around that thick cock, moving his head up and down. Jimmy soon places his hand on Tony’s head to guide him and push his mouth further over his cock.

Next Tony lays down on the bed, with Jimmy doing some push ups above him. His cock dives into Tony’s mouth with each push up. It’s a very hot position to watch, seeing Jimmy’s balls slapping Tony on the chin as his cock disappears down Tony’s throat. The only thing Tony can do is just lay there and swallow that cock.

When Tony got offered some more cash, he agrees to sit on Jimmy’s cock and ride it. Jimmy is rock hard and Tony has a hard time to impale himself on that hard dick. It takes a little time before he starts riding Jimmy’s cock harder. Then the guys swap  into doggy style, Tony sitting on his hands and knees and Jimmy standing behind him, pounding that perfect little ass.

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