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So how often is that that you find a short, sexy muscular nigga that is lost, not in New York, but Dallas, Tx. Good thing Kris Rockafella is from there and knows the area very well. Kris helps Rio back to his hotel and Rio offers him a drink. After drinking some of dat good shit, Rio feels that he needs to show his appreciation to Kris. Rio sucks Kris’ 11 inch dick and cant believe how big it is, but he clearly don’t give a fuck cause he keeps on sucking it.

Kris decides to return the favor and give Rio some head. Rio then takes it in the other room and you already know what dat mean, he finna smash that ass. Rio puts dat brick dick in Kris tight ass and breaks him off real good. Looks like Kris aint had it tapped in a while, but thas coo because Rio got some major plumbing to do. Kris plays with that big ass dick of his while Rio is fuckin the hell outta him, but shit he can concentrate on his dick cause he tryin to concentrate on the dick in his ass.

Kris then rides Rio and make him shoot a hot load of jizz all on his back and his ass. Kris enjoyed that shit so much he nutted all on Rios chest. Makes you wonder, maybe the next time u see a sexy ass nigga and he look lost yo ass betta help him find the way.

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Holy shit!! This week we received a submission entitled “traitors beware“, this video shows what happens when you lie to a frat and pretend you are going to join them. I suppose these Frat boys took it to heart when a potential pledge decided to join their rival frat. They went in and took him out of his dorm and brought them back and made him pay for his dishonesty and he payed a heavy price not only did he have to pledge with them, they had him suck dick and get fucked in order to ensure his loyalty.

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Buck Daemon is one of our new favorite tops. This young college stud can fuck for hours, pound like a jackhammer, and wow his partner. This week Buck shows Logan what a great fuck can really be like! After Buck sucks off Logan, he flips him onto the bed and fucks his face like it was an ass – one of the hottest parts of the video. Buck does not, however, neglect Logans ass for long.

After licking Logans little hole, Buck pounds the living daylights out of Logan until Logan shoots the biggest load of his life, and Buck himself shoots all over Logans bod and across his head. Logan and Buck go to school not far from each other, a few hours drive – Logan said after the scene he was hoping to get more of that in the near future, and that Buck was the best lay he has ever had!

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One of our photographers noticed a hot guy with no shirt on leaving a gym the other day and just had to have a better look. When he got closer and made eye contact it was the cute guy who recognized our photographer… It was Ricky one of our models from a couple of years ago.

Ricky is a boxer as some of you may remember and is even hotter now. Our photographer asked if he wanted to do another shoot but Ricky declined because his lips were a little bruised and his nose was a little scratched up from sparring at the gym. Luckily our photographer prevailed and half an hour later they took these hot photos.

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Nobody likes drinking bad milk, so when these pledges brought the head of the this Florida Frat some funky milk during dinner all hell broke lose. He didn’t take kind to the incompetence of his future brothers. So he and the rest of the heads decided to have some fun at the expense of these poor saps.

If you ever wondered what a human serpent looked like you’re about to find out. Balls touching faces in sheer humility, but thats not all there is some dick sucking and starfish fucking to do for nobody brings these brothers bad milk!


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Oddly enough, this fantastic film is one that was never planned to happen! You see, Luke was already on his way down to us when the other guy he was supposed to fuck called and cancelled at the very last minute. With a quick ring around Kai was available and on his way! Good job too, as this is the horniest flip flop shoots I have ever filmed… hell, it wasn’t even going to be a flip flop but that’s the way it turned out.

So about the film… Luke gets pushed in to the bedroom by Kai who had just got off the train and it looks like Luke is going to get it! When Kai pulls down Luke’s jeans and boxers his enormous, rock-hard fuck tool springs forth and Kai devours it so greedily you’d think cock was going out of fashion! And Luke was just as eager to chew on Kai’s meat too and soon they’re on the bed for a proper suck off – sixty nine style! Kai also gets the chance to dip his tongue into Luke’s delicious pink hole!

From there it doesn’t take Kai long to roll one on and guide his cock deep into his fuck buddy’s ass. Man, the fucking sure is hot and passionate and frantic! Both guys are as much into it as they are each other – so much so that Kai has to stop and rest. The guys switch over and now Luke is the one buried to the hilt in Kai’s willing ass… and with Luke wanking on Kai’s fat uncut cock while his own dick is fucking away in his hole, Kai can’t hold back and starts spraying his jizz all over the place! And Kai’s not the least bit selfish – he then get’s Luke off too! Who would have thought that this scorcher was Luke’s first ever duo here at Blake Mason.


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Today at Broke Straight Boys, we bring back John and Leon. They have both been in an oral scene together and I figure it was time for them to do anal. I was hoping that John would be the one to bottom in this scene and I did make him an offer but he wanted to try topping first, so once again, Leon was bottoming.

While John doesn’t like doing oral, that much was obvious from his struggles in his last shoot, he’s a model who will do his best once he’s committed to something. It’s always good to see models breakout of their comfort zone, especially someone as fresh as John, and it’s even better when they are able to keep an open mind about what goes on in the studios at BSB. With the money decided, $800 for John and $1000 for Leon, it was time for the boys to start getting ready.


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