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This shit was pretty funny. These dudes were fucking with one of their buddies who had passed out with his shoes on, putting shaving cream all over him, tea bagging him and slapping their cocks on his face giving him a mushroom stamp. Well of course this guy flips out and chases them down the hall.. he seemed really mad about the whole thing, and his friends were telling him to chill out.. I mean it’s really not a big deal unless you’re really gay right? So they made him prove he wasn’t gay. Well shit.. that didn’t really work out and this guy got hard as a rock.

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Here’s a bit of a controversial shoot at Broke Straight Boys. Mike and Anthony who are cousins, both appeared on Broke Straight Boys before, but this time they’ve landed on the couch at the same time, for the same shoot. Both guys are straight and needed some quick cash, so they agreed to do the shoot with eachother.

The guys agreed that Mike would be the top and he was going to fuck Anthony’s ass. The guys over at Broke Straight Boys wanted to see some kissing, cock-sucking and ass-eating as well… and so the cousins did! Although it felt a bit weird as first, the guys got really comfortable with eachother and it turned out to be a great movie!

We hope both guys will return to the Broke Straight Boys studio soon… and our wish is to see Mike getting fucked by Anthony! Please… 🙂



Fit, hung young lads in Army kit! Stripping down to their army boots wank each other. Both boys have huge cocks and suck each other before Luke gets fucked hard in three different positions.

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Van is back to get fucked, and Ian re-appears after a long absence to finally work with a dude full-on. After debating doing gay porn for almost a year, Ian decided he was willing to fuck, suck and get fucked. He was down for it all!
So I was little unsure about this video. He was pretty uptight during his Serviced video. I also know that Van struggles to stay hard while getting fucked, despite me telling him over and over to stroke himself while getting fucked – that he could get some real enjoyment. Instead I feel like he just puts his head down and “takes it.”

Meanwhile, Ian showed that he was no longer going to be all stiff and quiet and really ramped-up his showmanship! Well, he was stiff, but in all the right places! I don’t think his dick drooped once during the entire shoot.

The two even get in a cool standing position while they fuck. Very challenging, but Ian delivers a hot steamy cream pie all over Van’s hole, wiping his cockhead all around then shoving what was left of his load in. We switch gears as Ian needed a breather, so we get Van to cum all over Ian’s cock.

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There is nothing like your first time doing something. A first kiss, a first fuck, and the first time you post naked for a gay porn site. Shane Fisher was so excited about doing his first video. It’s something he’d been fantasizing about for a long time. He’s quite an exhibitionist and the idea of jerking his hot cock online for thousands of horny guys to get off to was a huge fantasy of his.

When we started off he got really shy but his hard throbbing boner gave him away. And his bashfulness just added to his charm. His lean trim body is so hot and the way he playfully spanks his own ass while he’s jerking off is sure to inspire you.

Shane had never used a FleshJack (order yours here) before but once he started I could tell his balls were churning and if I wasn’t careful he’d shoot his hot load all up inside it. So as he was jerking himself off with his new favorite sextoy, I made sure he knew to pull out if he got close. And you’ll love the sight of him laying on the bed working his dick until it spurts thick ropes of creamy jizz all over his chest.

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When Hayden and Shaun both showed up to do solos about the same time, I immediately thought these two would look great together. Both guys were a little reserved on their first couple of tries, so I waited for them both to get a little experience under their belts.

Hayden was reluctant to suck cock in his first videos, and you can tell by this video that he is not only comfortable but also stays hard while doing it. And Shaun has certainly gotten into being a bottom. He stays rock hard too and blisses out while being fucked.

We worked again on getting Shaun used to being fucked while he came. Hayden does his best to fuck him until he does, but I think he got a little wobbly. Regardless, Shaun unloads a massive amount of DNA. Hayden ramps up again and fucks poor comatose Shaun until he got close and nuts all over his hole, shoving his cum-covered cock in and out!

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If you are a into beautiful big uncut cocks, then most Arabs will turn you on. Just like our Ahmed, a 21 year old Arabian boy. He has a smooth but muscular body, gorgeous dark eyes, a nice little butt and a big uncut cock. In this movie, Ahmed jerks off till he shoots out a nice creamy load allover his hard abs. If you are into Arabs, as much as I do… then you need to check out his full length movie at Arabian Dicks.

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I got a call from Gabe one day saying that his buddy Mason was back in town from college and wanted to give “this porn thing” a shot. Mason’s a handsome guy with really nice blue eyes. Gabe also said that Mason was pretty hung. When I met Mason, I asked him how Gabe would know that.

“Probably from the lockerroom or something. Or fucking around.” “Fucking around?” Makes you wonder what else goes on between the workouts.

Mason said he was a little nervous about his first time getting naked on camera, but you wouldn’t guess it. He put on a hot show. His massive cock was hard in no time. He said playing with his nipples really gets him charged up. Based on the amount of pre-cum oozing out, it seemed that playing with his balls is up there, too!

Mason normally jacks off at least 3 times a day, so saving up for almost 2 days was a real challenge for him. This is one hot cumshot. That is, if you’re into vocal guys who shoot up to their nipples.

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