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Kyle is a competitive swimmer from the upper mid-west and like a typical college stud, he likes to party and fuck a lot. He has a great smile, nice tone build and a big uncut cock. He tells us about the last time he got laid. He hooked up with one of his fellow swim team members in the shower after a meet. They got it on with each other quickly before their fellow teammates came in to shower as well.

You can tell Kyle gets in the mood for this shoot when he thinks back about the hook-up with his team member. When he starts to undress, he already has a semi-hardon and his delicious cockhead is popping out of his boxers. He rubs his dick, till he’s rock hard and then looses the boxer. Now we get the chance to see how big Kyle really is. After a long jerk off session in various positions, Kyle is ready to bust his nut and shoots a nice big creamy load allover his belly and chest.

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Elias and Ewan showcase on this week that opposites do not just attract, they often intersect. In some way, they are a lot alike: they are both 18 years old; both have full, sensuous pouty lips, marble smooth bodies, tight round asses and thick, uncut cocks over very full balls. But while Ewan is the preppy boi next door, Elias is a mop topped, Latin caballero in training… and seems like being on the receiving end of Ewan’s thick, uncut cock is just the kind of training he needed. That gallon of cum they both squirt at the end is what everybody needs!

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Both guys pulled their dicks out of their underwear as they watched the porn, and Jay was able to get hard in less than a minute. When he was comfortable he dropped his underwear to the floor, leaving me to ask Fernando to go for his. I asked Jay if he wouldn’t mind helping Fernando out, so he leaned right over and started sucking on the cock.

The oral made Fernando’s mouth drop open from the rush he was feeling. Even though it was happening slowly, Fernando was getting hard, and his cock was getting thicker in size. Jay used a combination of mouth and hand. He paused and sat up as he was jerking Fernando off, and that’s when Fernando took the opportunity to return the favor. He put Jay’s cock in his mouth and started to give head. Jay put his hand on the back of Fernando’s head to use his mouth as his own personal toy. Both guys seemed to be getting horny as their cocks were getting hard from the blow jobs.

I asked the guys to stand up and get ready to start the fucking, but first they had to open up the futon. When I asked Jay what position he preferred to start out in, he said that he likes to be on his back.

Bending down in front of the camera he put his ass on display for the camera to see, and I talked him in to trying doggy-style to start so that way he could finish on his back if was open to trying it. Being that the last time Jay got fucked was here in the studio he grabbed a pillow and put it under his stomach so that he could kind of hug it. As Fernando’s cock pushed its way into Jay’s hole, he squeezed the pillow more and more.

Fernando went very slowly with his motion so that he didn’t freak Jay out and cause him any huge discomfort. Jay kept telling him to go slow, and Fernando said that he was enjoying the fucking when I asked. After a few minutes I asked Jay if Fernando could go any faster, and Jay said no that he was still getting used to the feeling.

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Str8 lad Liam is soaking up the sun and gets sprayed by Kallum; a water fight pursues, shorts come off and Kallum is soon manhandling Liam’s big thick uncut cock. He gets pushed away, though just for not asking… and is soon back in the action on his knees sucking off Liam’s hard, fat cock.

After a bit more foreplay Kallum is soon lubing up his ass and sitting down on Liam’s fat one! Kallum’s face suggests it’s a stretch though after about 30 seconds it doesn’t stop him riding it like a whore! The switch round and Liam is soon slamming his cock into Kallum’s ass, his balls slapping around all over the place!

Kallum’s ass gets a real pounding and stretch in a load of positions on the driveway before Liam pulls out and blows a mighty big load all over Kallum. Seconds later Kallum follows with his own impressive explosion. Another str8 lad happy after his first lad fuck!

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Three is the magic number on this week as blonde stunner Bobby Rail and sexy and ripped Jake Taylor give Damon’s holes their rock hard poles until all three of them end in a cum slicked hot pile up of happy, spent studs! Bobby and Damon begin to make out as Jake sits nearby and watches.

Bobby bones up in seconds once Damon’s tongue works its magic. Jake can’t sit by anymore and undoes his jeans to get at his aching cock. He stands near Bobby, who starts to grope at his cock. Jake strips and hauls out his thick cock where Bobby can get a mouthful. Bobby’s lying back on the couch with Jake’s dick in his mouth and his dick in Damon’s. Daisy Chain!

Damon and Jake then begin to make out, kneeling on the floor as Bobby begins to explore Damon’s outrageous ass. Jake then stands up alongside Bobby as both feed Damon their cocks. Jake’s balls slap away at his ass as he gets his deep one. Damon is taking dick like a champ, and his holes are being put to very good use. Bobby then wants more of that ass he got first dibs on, as he has Damon sit on his dick.

Damon rides Bobby’s cock as his hot ass continues milking that thick dick. Jake kisses and gropes Damon as he grinds that ass into Bobby’s meat. “Cum with my dick in your ass”, Jake orders, as he fucks him harder. Damon blows his nut all over his smooth abs. Bobby is next as he sits back and jacks his thick load all over himself. Jake is last, but certainly not least, pumping out quite the impressive load that pools on Damon’s chest.

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Tatum was referred to us by one of our friends that send us models from time to time. Tatum is 100% straight and really quite shy for being as hot as he is. Tatum is 23 years old and originally grew up in California but he has been living in Georgia for the past few years. Tatum has a few tattoos on his amazing smooth body. His olive complexion combined with his black hair and brown eyes, makes this Straight Southern Boy really stand out.

Tatum has been playing soccer since he was just a little boy at age 4. Tatum’s practice and hard work has landed him a spot as a professional soccer player. As soon as he took his shirt off, you could just tell that this straight boy was athletic by his toned defined physique. Man do I wish I could spend some time in the locker room with him and the rest of his soccer team.

Tatum had never done anything like this before but it has always been a fantasy of his. He is a bit shy and it took a bit of coaxing to get him outside of his comfort zone. I think it is about as hot as it gets when you find a hot straight boy that just doesn’t know exactly how hot he really is. Tatum might just takes the top prize in this category.

Once we settle Tatum’s nerves, he finally let himself go. We made him nice and comfortable in the bedroom and turned on a little inspiration for him and told him to just forget that the cameras were there. We were all a bit surprised when Tatum started to let out a moan as he stroked his cock and played with his tight straight boy hole. Tatum finally let out loud gasp as his cock unloaded a huge stream of steamy white cum.

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Tom and Kaydin contacted us off of our website about doing some work in the hopes of getting their hands on some easy income to fill their wallets. The two of them lived in Key West, and so we setup a date for them to come up to Miami to do a shoot. On the day of the shoot when they arrived, I could tell that their nerves were running kind of high as they walked into the studio.

I had them take a seat and we just talked for a few minutes and then I had them do some paperwork. Keeping them going I had them move to the shoot room and take a seat on the couch. It was there that I just picked up the camera and started filming asking them questions and getting to know them. Both of them are straight, and have girlfriends.

They have been close friends for over six years, and working together at a hotel for several years the two were recently laid off when the economy took a turn. Now, that both are strapped for cash, they were looking for a way to get back on their feet and that’s how they came across our site.

I asked the two of them if they had a problem jerking off next to each other, and it was only Kaydin that spoke up against it. However, he knew that he needed the money, so quickly said that it was fine.

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When you get three heartthrobs like Gunner Pierce, Nicco Sky and Reese Rideout together there’s no telling what will happen. I knew a few months ago when Nicco appeared on Randy Blue Live with Reese that they had an amazing chemistry. People were talking about that show for months, so I had to put them in a video together.

But since they did the show as a duo I wanted to throw something else into the mix. Enter Gunner Pierce. He’s been just starting to spread his wings here, and by wings I mean legs, and everything he does is so hot. He’s got an incredible body and that adorable face of his. You guys are going to love this video.

The image of Gunner eating Nicco’s ass while he sucks off Reese is one I won’t forget any time soon. And Reese couldn’t be happier, or sexier, than when he’s fucking Nicco’s hot ass while he goes down on Gunner. And you can tell that Nicco is enjoying being the piggy in the middle with these two incredibly hot guys giving it to him at the same time.

And I wish we had shot this in 3D because when Nicco shoots his load, with Gunner’s cock buried deep inside his ass I might add, he nearly hit my camera. Had it been in 3D you at home would either be ducking out of the way or sitting there with your mouth open hoping to catch some of the delicious virtual spunk flying towards your face.

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