Bryan fucks Kirk

November 19, 2009 · Posted in Corbin Fisher 

Up at the farm, Kirk got thrown right in to the thick of things with some guy/guy action. It was, to say the least, a risk taking a bunch of new guys out on this trip with us. It’s one thing to make your adult video or guy/guy action debuts in a controlled environment such as a studio. But to do it in a rural location requires a lot from those guys! Kirk did a great job of it, though, and that’s evident here!

Certainly, it helped that it wasn’t long into the action that Bryan had his lips wrapped around Kirk’s cock and was furiously bobbing up and down on it. Kirk’s facial expression and the noises escaping his own lips made it pretty obvious that Bryan was making him feel good!

Kirk even breaks out into a smile at one point and says, “That’s awesome!” as he looks down at Bryan sucking on him! Every time Kirk said or did something to share just how good he was feeling, it encouraged Bryan to suck harder and faster – he looks like a man on a mission while sucking Kirk’s dick and there were several points at which I was fearful that Kirk would shoot his load early!

Bryan finally breaks from sucking Kirk and lays on to his back so that Kirk can get down between his legs and start to suck on his big, uncut cock.

While Bryan was going the hard and fast route with his sucking, Kirk takes his time slowly working his lips and tongue up and down the length of Bryan’s dick as it gets harder and harder. It’s slick with sweat and as stiff as could be by the time Kirk moves up to get ready to start fucking him.

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