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Cody Cummings, the bisexual stud who operates his own pornsite has released some great pictures from a new photoshoot. The well hung stud starts in the bathroom getting himself really wet and finish things off in the bedroom. He strokes his big cock till he explodes and cum splatters around!

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After getting to know Sebastien, the self-proclaimed size queen, we thought for sure he would make a great partner for Jessy Karson. So we proposed this to Jessy and he told us, “I already fucked him so I know it’ll be great.” Turns out they had a chance to fuck already, but know we’re here to watch them fuck.

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If you are hungry for some huge military man meat, then stand your cock to attention soldier! In ‘Military Man Love’ I have gathered the hottest in San Diego’s brigade as they go for some ‘special training.’ Go covert and undercover with me and my camera as these hung military studs take some rock hard cocks up their asses and fuck deep!

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This week, we have a big piece of Cuban cuisine in the house, and he goes by the name of Mario Costa. Mario has brought along that juicy, uncut, 9″+ pinga with him. For those of you unfamiliar with this Hispanic hottie who speaks softly but carries a huge stick, then you must’ve missed Mario’s last visit when he took a turn at bat with adorable Devon Moss, who packs an impressive 10″ himself.

This week, 23 year-old Mario has a sexy playmate with dark features and an evil grin by the name of Ricky Martinez. Ricky is 24 and originally from the Windy City, Chicago, IL. Mario and Ricky are both single now. Mario just recently got out of a long term, long distance relationship, and admits he’s loving his newfound independence and freedom. These two are just two typical guys.

They’re both pretty sexual and while Ricky is versatile; Mario’s ass is EXIT ONLY. Ricky would win the creative award in the “getting your nut” department; since he now likes to jack off while driving. Well, Lucky for Mario, he’ll be the only one doing the driving this afternoon. Gentlemen, Start your engines!

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Everyone knows it’s hot down in Miami, but the ocean is brought to a boil when Bo Dean and Marcus Hogel get down and dirty. Bo is as ripped as ever and Check out always ready to fuck.

Marcus has some of the most kissable lips you’ll ever see, and an asshole that begs for Bo to plow it. A voracious top, Check out Bo fucks Marcus hard and long, both men moaning and gasping with intense passion. Finally, with dicks side-by-side, they both create a hot cum stew all over Marcus.

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Curtis Hoffman fell right from heaven! He has such an angelic look and he’s so innocent at just 19 years old. Curtis is a San Diego native and spends lots of time at the local nude beach, which explains his lack of tan lines! Curtis has silky smooth skin from head to toe with a beautiful big dick and his smooth virginal ass is just as perfect. Curtis tells me that he’s attracted to women and men both, but never had sex with a woman.

I have a feeling he may never, but sssssh. Curtis edges himself over and over and precum oozes from his throbbing dick which just about sent me over the edge myself, but when he let loose with a two day load, it just kept coming! Load after hot load that covers his chest. I can hardly wait to work with him again!

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Up at the farm, Kirk got thrown right in to the thick of things with some guy/guy action. It was, to say the least, a risk taking a bunch of new guys out on this trip with us. It’s one thing to make your adult video or guy/guy action debuts in a controlled environment such as a studio. But to do it in a rural location requires a lot from those guys! Kirk did a great job of it, though, and that’s evident here!

Certainly, it helped that it wasn’t long into the action that Bryan had his lips wrapped around Kirk’s cock and was furiously bobbing up and down on it. Kirk’s facial expression and the noises escaping his own lips made it pretty obvious that Bryan was making him feel good!

Kirk even breaks out into a smile at one point and says, “That’s awesome!” as he looks down at Bryan sucking on him! Every time Kirk said or did something to share just how good he was feeling, it encouraged Bryan to suck harder and faster – he looks like a man on a mission while sucking Kirk’s dick and there were several points at which I was fearful that Kirk would shoot his load early!

Bryan finally breaks from sucking Kirk and lays on to his back so that Kirk can get down between his legs and start to suck on his big, uncut cock.

While Bryan was going the hard and fast route with his sucking, Kirk takes his time slowly working his lips and tongue up and down the length of Bryan’s dick as it gets harder and harder. It’s slick with sweat and as stiff as could be by the time Kirk moves up to get ready to start fucking him.

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Nicco Sky hadn’t topped anyone on Randy Blue yet, so I thought it was about time. He’ so sexy and his video with the adorable Dallas Evans was incredible. Enter Brett Swanson. This guy has such a great ass and is totally fuckable. I mean, it just begs to be pounded.

You can tell by the way it opens up when he bends over that he’s hungry for it. I’ve gotten so many compliments on both Nicco and Brett that I figured they needed to so a scene together. Nicco totally took the reigns in this one. He starts off by enjoying Brett’s talented mouth on his cock but after a while he just can’t help but grab Brett’s head and direct him so his blowjob is perfect. Then he flips Brett over and eats out that hot ass of his.

And you can tell that Brett is loving every second of it. Nicco teases Brett by smacking his hole with his nice big cock but he’s not ready to give it up just yet. He dives face first again and rims until Brett’s moaning and begging for more. Then he sucks that cock while fingering Brett’s hole until he doesn’t even know which way is up.

Finally, he rams his cock deep inside, but before he gets to the heavy ramming, he does a slow and sensual buildup that makes Brett go wild. He’s a total pro, building and building until Brett can’t stop moaning. Then Nicco pulls out and shoots a load that is so huge it has to be seen to be believed.

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