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Brady is back again and this time he is ready to put on another show for you and this time I was ready to put him with a straight boy to fulfill his fantasy. Brady liked to mess around and have sex with guys that are straight. Now, I explained to him that I was going to have this guy come by that I met in Phoenix while I was on a trip and he wanted some more work.

This time Brady is being hooked up with straight boy Maverick. It turned out to be an excellent match, since Brady fucks the hell out of Maverick. Don’t miss this hot episode at Broke Straight Boys.


Meet Barak! He is a hot and hairy Turkish guy who has been living in NYC for the past few years. One of the things that makes NYC so great is that it is filled with hot guys born elsewhere who now make this city their home. Barak dates lots of women, we can see why he is so popular he is tall, dark and handsome. He was blessed with best of Mediterranean features, big brown eyes, olive skin and body hair! Lots of body hair! 

This hairy Turk, loves to get his cock sucked,  in his culture doesn’t matter who sucks it, a mouth is a mouth. So naturally it isn’t always a girl who sucks him off. He tells us that since he moved to NYC he finds it so easy to get a blowjob because of all the guys willing to suck him off. He takes full advantage of any willing mouth, including Sergio’s!

Sergio was almost drooling over the chance to blow Barak, Sergio wanted his mouth used for all its worth. Barak told us there is nothing better than to see a mouth wide open and ready for his cock. He really enjoyed Sergio’s soft lips, tongue action and great suction. Barak was having such a great time getting his blowjob he decided to sit down and relax with a cocksucker between his hairy legs. Sergio didn’t miss a beat, he knew why he was there, to suck and satisfy.

In the end, Barak got his satisfaction when he busted his nut all over. Sergio got his when Barak told him with certainty that he will be sucking him off again! 
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The head butcher is away and his men are up to no good. Luke Riley and Jesse Alan discover DJ tied up in a cage, and they want to have some fun with him. They rip off his clothes, rough him up, and make him suck their cocks. Poor DJ gets suspended upside down and receives heavy flogging in all directions. Luke and Jesse finish him off with a nasty enema and a hard bondage fuck.

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Every time I see Ryan, I like him more and more. We all have our favorites here at Check out Southern Strokes and watch Ethan and Ryan in thefull length movie.and I would have to say that Ryan has rapidly become mine. There is just something about that boyish face on that tight little body and then his huge rock hard cock. I can see why our members can’t seem to get enough. As luck would have it, our new boy Ethan gave us a call and said that he wanted to do another shoot. 

When we first met Ethan, he had admitted that he had a few experiences with other guys at the request of his girlfriend. As he put it I will do anything to turn her on. I asked Ethan if he would be into fucking another guy and he initially said that he just couldn’t see that happening. When I asked him how he felt about getting fucked he said there is no way a dick is going to fit into my hole. After receiving numerous requests from our members to see Ethan get fucked, I took this as a personal challenge. 

I asked Ethan to check out Ryan on the site and let me know what he thought. Ethan admits that he liked sucking cock so I knew once he set his eyes on Ryan’s manhood; he would be willing to come up to the Lake House to do a shoot with him. I was pleasantly surprised with Ethan’s response when I told him that I wanted him to let Ryan fuck him. He was obviously a bit nervous but he said that he was willing to try anything once. These words out of Ethan’s mouth were music to my ears. 

Ryan and Ethan arrived at the Lake House at exactly the same time. Ryan walked in without the girlfriend this time and you could just feel his confidence. It was really hot to see this country boy walk in with a cocky attitude ready to fuck a virgin. Ethan on the other hand was visibly nervous. He had never been fucked before let alone in front of all the cameras. We took our time and made sure that he was nice and ready for Ryan’s big cock. 

This is definitely another one of those shoots that was a big surprise. These two hit it off like they had been wanting to fuck around forever. As soon as the cameras started rolling and they began to kiss, I could see both of their cocks stand to attention. Ethan couldn?t wait to get Ryan’s big cock in his mouth and Ryan moaned with pleasure. Once Ethan got on all fours and Ryan shoved his big cock into his tight virgin hole, I thought that Ethan was going to shoot his load on the spot. We were all shocked as we watched Ethan take every inch of Ryan’s meat in every position imaginable. Given the size of Ryan’s load, we were the only ones that enjoyed it.

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This week Rusty Stevens takes on newcomer David Chase. Rusty is back and he’s out of control. He’s been practicing and he has a few new moves under his belt.

David is a big guy and he wants to try out Naked Kombat. He seems like a nice guy but nice guys finish last here on Naked Kombat. Will cocky Rusty annihilate David or this is the biggest upset in the history of Naked Kombat?

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In this movie Mario jack-hammers the fuck outta Keith’s ass! The two start off frenching, but Keith quickly rips off Mario’s clothes and starts sucking down his cock! Mario rims Keith’s tight hole, then slides that huge cock inside him and pulverizes his eager ass deep and hard! Keith alternates between moaning and wimpering – but loves every inch of It! Keith cums while getting fucked, then opens his mouth wide and gets a massive splattering of creamy cum!

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I decided to pair up Jacob and Jeremy together, just because they seemed to have a couple of things in common. In Jeremy’s solo shoot he told me that back in his home town he has been known as the converter. He got that name, because after the guys would have sex with him, they would come back for more and supposable they were straight. Jacob raised one eyebrow when he heard this and then we told Jeremy his story.

About how Jacob happens to be engaged to a girl, and will do shoots with guys for pay. Jacob even said that he has been recognized in public a few times, and people have offered him money if he would sleep with them. Jacob turns them down, because he only does work in the studio and that is it. We moved on in the shoot deciding what the guys were going to do as far as anal goes.

No matter what I wanted them to fuck, but the high hopes was that they would flip flop with topping and bottoming. And oh boy, they did. This is one of the hottest BSB vidoes!

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