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This was a shoot we did up in Manchester. On the day of the shoot one of the original models pulled out, so I contacted Lewis to see if he was free. Fortunately he was, and by a remarkable coincidence, he had actually met Kez before in real life! Kez is from near Liverpool and Lewis now lives In North Wales, although he used to live in Manchester.

Anyway the boys were looking well chavvy in their trackie bottoms and tops. They were soon getting down to business as they snogged each other and gradually stripped off. They worked their way down each others bodies, with Kez being the first to pull down Lewis’s trackie bottoms to get going on some deep cock-sucking action. Of course it wasn’t long before Lewis returned the favour, and before long the lads switched position and startedsome horny 69-ing action.

Next the lads had some rimming fun, with each taking turns to eat the other lads’ ass. Lewis also fingered Kez to get him loosened up for the ass pounding that was to follow. Lewis then bent Kez over the bed and proceeded to fuck this bad boy hard. After that Kez lay on his back, legs in the air, as Lewis plunged his dick inside his tight man hole. Dirty boy Kez loved this!

These scally lads then spunked their loads, with Lewis spurting his cum into Kez’s face and mouth, with Kez licking off any remaining spunk from Lewis’s cock. As a bonus we then filmed the boys having a shower together, as they soaped up and rubbed each other down.

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Hunky Kobe Cash is back on the site and is in better shape than ever! Shirt off, with his bronzed ripped body, he maneuvers in the basketball court like a pro. He’s a former basketball player in high school but now focuses on gym, free running and mountain climbing. He agreed to show off what he can do with a basketball.

After a sweaty training, he comes back home and wanks his dick with his new FleshJack toy. Don’t miss the dripping cum shot on the basketball!

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It is so hot to watch David play with himself, then add in a few fingers, then a black Fun Factory dildo. There is some hot ass play going on here. David had to slow down a few times while getting off otherwise he would have blown his load when he first worked the Fun Factory toy in his tight hole. He almost came several times. I guess when you have the perfect toy and it hits the spot, you shoot big loads.

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Vacations are always fun, but the one thing that’s always a chore is trying to keep the guys’ dicks out of random pussy. Some of the guys who joined me in Hawaii are straight, and some of them are gay, but all of them are full of testosterone!
The gay ones are easy. They behave themselves. The straight ones, on the other hand, aren’t so easy. Everywhere they go there are girls. And the girls are interested in them.

So sometimes when we know that we’ll be doing a film we have to keep an eye out. For example, the night before we shot this film I had just dropped off one of the other guys at the hotel and I noticed — way off in the corner, behind an indoor palm — Matt talking to a very petite Asian girl.

She was laughing and hanging on every word he said. And I know what that means. So later than night I arrived at Matt’s room unannounced. When I knocked on the door I heard scurrying and voices.

Matt finally answered the door. He was standing there looking guilty. I knew she was in there somewhere! To make a long story short, I found her crouching on the balcony…

The next day, we asked Matt about it: “She wasn’t hiding,” he said. “She was just sitting on the balcony.” Mmmmm…. Anyway, I foiled Matt’s attempt at a late-night booty call, but it was all good because he spent his pent-up energy on fucking the shit out of Jake!

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If your only knowledge of French Canada is from old movies or cartoons, you may have the mistaken impression that the men here are all lumberjacks. Though this stereotype is an inaccurate and outdated cliché, there is one element of truth to it, at least in the case of Criss: French Canadian men know how to do it in the woods.

Criss takes his rugged, masculine charms to the great outdoors and gets bare for the bears. On the lake, in the hammock, among the trees, Criss lets us inspect every bulge and opening on his body. Something about being naked under the clear blue sky gets Criss’ juices flowing and his uncut cock hard as a black maple. Explore Criss from head to toe and see why his cumshot had us stumped.

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