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We hope you guys are hungry this week because we’ve brought together two recent finds who just happen to be two huge horn dogs. Exhibit A: One James Hamilton: 22yo; hung, fortunately no longer in Kansas (apparently ditched Toto in a backroom somewhere); motto: “If it feels good —Do it!” and by “do it” we’re pretty sure he means “fuck it”.

Yeah this horny Kansas boy will fuck anything with only one qualification. After all, he needs some standards doesn’t he?…Don’t go there. “They have to be hot!” he grins as he confesses he is an equal opportunity fuck—Male, female—it’s all good. Nodding his head in agreement is the second half of our all the dick you can take update, Mr. Brad Benton—or “Exhibit B”. Georgia native; 29yo, also very hung and a self-described “dirty boy”, Brad is grinning as he chimes in with his brand of moral mojo. “Yeah they just gotta be hot. Not a pillow with a strap on” he laughs.

Fortunately we’re not that kind of site. Together these 2 boys pack enough meat to choke a small horse. More than likely a horsy from out West; since many of the Miami locals have no gag reflex.

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Once again, Zane’s massiveness takes his partner a back. I had warned Teo that Zane is a big guy, and when he got next to him on the bed, he just started laughing. But unlike Ransom, he got over it quickly and took over the situation.

I love watching Teo blow Zane till he’s all hard, and then Zane turns the table and wakes Teo’s dick up. I was super happy, because both boys wanted to flip-flop. This was Zane’s first real effort to enjoy the feeling, and between position changes, he thought maybe it would make him nut.

Both of them struggle to not nut in this video. In fact, look for Teo slowing down while he fucks Zane. He’s trying his best not to cum! I of course had no idea what was happening, and likely would have let him blow his load in Zane, but I just thought he had run out of steam.

So after a bit back-and-forth ass-pounding, Zane gets doggie style, and moments after Teo gets it in, Zane is telling me he is gonna nut. You can hear me scrambling around as his arm came down and blocked the cock shot I had setup. I barely make it.

Teo bust his load all over Zane’s ass, rubbing the cum all over the place with his cock!

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This week we found a hot bottom named after ourselves. He wanted to prove himself worthy of the name and challenged us to find a hot top to tame him. Well, we think he did pretty well. Meet our latest Maximo Latino duo, Jack and Maximo. Making love in the noon day sun, what do you think, mad dogs or English men? Well, we know they aren’t English.

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When I ran into Troy Michaels he told me that he was a huge fan, and was very excited about sharing his special talents with me! When he said he could blow himself, I had no idea just how big, and how flexible he was. He bent right over and sucked his own dick…standing up!

He blows himself laying on the bed, standing, sitting, every way I could think of. When he bent down and touched his dick on his forehead, I was beside myself. Troy spent years in Sweden, and I am very excited to introduce him back into the porn industry! Troy is looking better than ever, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I did! Get ready for this one gentlemen, this is an amazing performance!

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Justin is back again for another nut busting jerk off session. He strips down and shows off every inch of his hot bod! He shoots a hot load of Jizz all over his abs!

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Ty Carver has a huge schlong, and Dean is willing to try to take every inch of it in this sexy smoking scene with two very hot dudes! After some serious foreplay, cock sucking, rimming and 69 action, Ty drills Dean with all 9 inches, and even though Dean has a tight sweet hole, he ends up taking it like a champ until he blows his wad all over himself!

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Patrick, Krist, and Jake have a blast in this hardcore video. They start off with some threeway kissing and sucking before Patrick buckles down and fucks Kirst and Jake in turn. Krist even takes a turn with Jake while getting fucked by Patrick from behind.

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Wolf Hudson is frustrated that Jason Miller regularly ignores him. Wolf takes Jason to his den to teach the clueless boy a lesson. After a good roughing up, Wolf puts forceps on Jason’s body and flogs him until the instrument falls off. Wolf then feeds Jason his hard cock. While bound, Jason is dominated and fucked by Wolf, which includes face slapping, gut punching, head shaving, electro stim, cattle prod and more!

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