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We have a special treat this week for those of you who have grown rather fond of Miami local, Robert Long. Robert was last here just before thanksgiving when one Kameron Scott has plenty to be thankful for. Kameron got stuffed for his holiday by 2 extra big dicks and the turkey was not having it!

Robert’s been beefing up at the gym and has also become a real “papi” since we met him. Now that she’s 6mo old, he and the ol’ lady are back to fuckin regular. Robert is basically str8, but he can never get enough pussy. So, on occasion he knows that a horny friend of Ben Dover is always a welcome friend to Robert Long. Fortunately for Robert, Mr. Ben Dover sent over such a friend. His name is Nick Cross.

Nick is 20 and originally from Cuba. He’s been here in the states for the past 8 yrs and loves all that Miami has to offer. He admits he is attracted to (some) women; but currently he’s engaged to a guy he’s been seeing almost a year. Nick laughs when he admits that his family knows and is ok with what he does, but that his beau is probably at home pulling his hair wondering exactly what he’s up to.

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Yes, this week at MenOver30 we’re bringing you a healthy dose of “Lust”. Not just any Lust, but Latin Lust! Let’s face it, they call Latinos “caliente” for a reason. Last week we introduced you to Peruvian Papi, Jessie Balboa. Well we couldn’t wait to bring him back and this being such a passionate week, we decided to bring Jessie right back. Jessie was extremely pleased that we brought him back and paired him up with this week’s debut hottie, Mr. John Stone. John Stone…

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Vincent DeSalvo has been around a lot lately. His bright smile and bubbly personality, not to mention his incredible sexual energy, just brightens everyone’s day. While putting together schedules for Randy Blue Live I thought it might be fun to put Vincent with another sexual stud, Malachi Marx.

The two of them just seemed like they would do an amazing job together. Little did I know that would be the understatement of the year. From the moment they both arrived at the studio the energy was electric. Just watching them in our model lounge hanging out together I realized I needed to get more than a live show.

I asked them right then and there if they would be up for doing a shoot the next day and they were thrilled. I tell ya, the best way to get a kick ass video is when both guys want it from each other, and want it bad. Anyone who was there at RBL that night will tell you how amazingly hot it was. And you will all have some idea just how hot this video is.

Vincent seems to explore every inch of Malachi’s lean yet muscular body with his lips, tongue and mouth. And the thing I love the most is that Vincent lets his dirty side out even further with a stream of dirty talk that would make a trucker blush.

He totally takes on the perfect boytoy for the sexy Malachi to play with, begging for cock, unable to feed his hunger. And Malachi is happy to take charge, giving Vincent exactly what he wants until the two of them practically explode in a shower of hot, delicious cum.

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It’s one of the first things Tony says in his intro – “I love to be on the camera!”

That’s just one of the ways in which Tony is a perfect fit for CF. He’s an admitted exhibitionist, has a great face with striking dark features, a toned and defined body, and a really nice dick! What’s more, he has a really nice dick! And, did I mention that he has a really nice dick?

Upon first meeting him, Tony struck me as a bit cocky.

“I want to do a really good job with this video. I think I’m going to be awesome,” he said. Truth be told, this worried me a little. I wondered if he was trying to make up for some real anxieties and nerves he had about it all. Perhaps he’d clam up in front of the cameras? Maybe he wouldn’t be able to get hard?

Well, it turns out he was confident for good reason! He was definitely at ease in front of the cameras and was visibly enjoying what he was doing. Furthermore, he had no problems at all getting hard and showing off that nice dick of his! I did mention he has a really nice dick, right?

Heck, with a dick like that, can you blame him for being a bit cocky? In actuality, I really shouldn’t call it cocky so much as confident, because he’s extremely friendly and personable and what initially seemed like cockiness was just him being very outgoing, very comfortable in this setting, and very open about what was going through his head as well as very eager to please. He would even pause during the course of jerking off to ask, “Is this what you guys want? Let me know if I do anything wrong or if there’s anything I can do to make it better! I really want to turn people on!”

Well, I know he turned at least one person on with no problem at all! And, by the way, he shoots a really hot load out of what is, in case you were wondering, a really nice dick!

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Austin is 5’8 and weighs 150 pounds with blue eyes and a gorgeous face to go with his hot fit body.  Austin turned out to be one of the most fun videos we have done so far.  He was having a good time and so was the crew.  We had gone from this shy guy walking in the door to this hot cocky straight boy with a big cock asking “now what do you want me to do”.  One of the hottest stories he told us was the time that he fucked this girl on top of the University of Texas’ Football Stadium.  Believe me when I tell you that this guy likes to be nasty.

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It doesn’t get any hotter than this!! Parker and Rod are both bisexuals that are well built with six pack abs, ripped arms, tight asses and a love for a great blow job.

Parker has always thought that guys do it better and Rod doesn’t mind proving him right when he goes down on Parker. The action doesn’t stop there though, this is one hot ride you don’t want to miss watching.

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Cody Carter rips into Jake Steel with a vengeance in this scene! It has been a while since Cody has been around; we are really glad he is back looking great and still fucking like a champ! After sucking dick and licking hole, Cody goes to town on Jake and Jake loves every minute of it!

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Vince said he had a massage at the Mall in a chair, but that’s it. He was so excited to get a real massage, and even more excited about the “happy ending”. I could feel Vince’s ass twitch with every close pass by his hairy hole, so I thought I’d see how far he would let me go. He lets out a moan when I slipped a finger in, and muttered, “that’s going to make me cum really fast if you keep doing that”. I backed off a couple of times to keep him on the edge until he couldn’t stand it any more and then I kept going. “Amazing” he said, and was SO happy, he couldn’t stop giggling. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too!

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