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Watch Canko and Henrich enjoying their young bodies over on Realboys4u:  The start with kissing, sucking each others hard uncut cocks before Henrich slides his big one up Cankos tight ass to give him a good and hard ride. Even after Canko blows his load, Henrich wont stop and gives Canko some extra hard fucking before he shoots his boycream all over Canko!

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Tommy’s a man of few words and it suits him just fine. According to this hot little number, “Why bother talking about it when I can just show you?!”

Turns out he has a lot to show us too! Those brooding dark blue eyes… That tight athletic body and perfect 8 inch uncut cock… That smooth bubble but and puckered little hole – just begging to be fucked! Shut up and show me already!

He’s all bundled up in a knit sweater as the video begins, but in a matter of seconds he ditches the clothes and sits back down on the couch dressed only in his underwear – his boner poking at the seams. Struggling to be free.

He pushes his shorts down and pulls the camera in for a beautiful closeup of his package as he absent-mindedly tugs at his balls. Tommy’s blessed with one of the finest looking cocks this humble pornographer has ever seen. 8 straight inches of mouth-watering goodness capped off with a beautiful mushroom head – perfectly sized and begging to be sucked.

We see a lot of jack-off techniques around here and Tommy’s definitely all about his nuts. In fact, he can’t seem to keep his hands off his sack – tugging at the loose skin and stretching his nuts way out from his body before letting them snap back into place. Something tells me this one has a little kinky side down there…

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I met Michael Cox at a party one night and thought he was just adorable. He knew what I did, and asked if he could talk to me for a minute. I took him to a private room, and he drops his pants and asked, “What do you think?”. I wasn’t expecting THAT, but it was a the beginning of a VERY fun night.

Turns out his friend brought him to the party just to meet me. Michael needed some cash to fly home for the Holidays, and I’m always one to help a man in need! Anyway, Michael tells me that he into girls AND guys, but he’s never done anything with a guy. He was Rock Hard telling me about his fantasy with a guy, and I can hardly wait to help him out with it!

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Whenever a guy gets fucked for the first time, the question he inevitably asks is: “How big is the other guy?” I guess they always have this image in their heads of a giant-horse dick that’s going rip them up!

Greg hadn’t met Jim yet and as we were getting ready I was waiting for the question. “So how big is he?” Greg asked. “He’s not huge,” I told him. “But his cock has a wicked curve to it. It should feel nice.” I smiled. “Oh,” he said. “OK.” I don’t think he understood that Jim’s dick was probably going to be massaging the hell out his prostate, but that’s OK.

So he met Jim and they seemed to click. Jim’s a little bit older than Greg and I think a little more experienced as well. I love Greg’s butt and how hairy his ass crack is. It was fun watching it get fucked!

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Buck is a 20 year old engineering student at Ole Miss. He had contacted us through the website and said that he would be home in Georgia for the Holidays and that he needed to make some money. When I opened his pictures, I couldn’t believe how built this guy was. Not only was he built but he had this innocent sheltered look about him that was just captivating. I immediately scheduled him to come and visit us up at the lake and do a video shoot.

Buck is one of those guys that have the ability to get into what he is doing and forget that the cameras are rolling. He loves to hit the gym and work up a sweat. This is the ultimate turn-on for him. He stood by the fireplace in his jock-strap and proceeded to work up a sweat as he stroked his rock hard cock while exploring his ripped body.

Buck continues to pump his cock and tease his tight pink hole until he just can’t take anymore and shoots a hot creamy load of cum all over his drenched abs and chest. Check out the full length movie at Southern Strokes.

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Kyle is a former fitness and physique model, who many years ago, also did some adult video work.

He’d retired from the physique industry, moving on to his own business, and away from the porn hub in LA. He has been out of the gym for quite some time, but I guess he was still itchin’ to show off his body, and well, I think jerkin-off on camera is fun for him.

He’s one of the few guys I couldn’t get to grow back his pubes. As a former body builder he was pretty insistent on keeping himself smooth. So please don’t write me- I tried! Kyle’s solo is very confident and leisurely as he felt comfortable showcasing his body and dick. He tops the video with an incredibly explosive cumshot!

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Our little Joey Angel is cumming along quite nicely! It’s nice to know that my ability to detect bottoms in the rough is still just as keen as ever. This time I teamed him up with a new buddy of mine Juan. Big ripped fuckin beefy slab of meat, Juan. They start off innocent enough, Joey washing his car and Juan offering to “help”. But in no time flat, these two Latino hotties are pawing at each others privates.

The car washing stops and the clothes come off. They decide to get naked right there in the outdoors on some nearby stairs. Joey stays in his jock strap while he blows Juan. Joey’s gettin really good at his cock sucking skills. Check out how he works that dick as Juan smacks his ass. Next it’s time for Juan to use his mouth. He bends Joey over and starts eating his sweet hole.

Then it’s time for the big show. Juan spits on Joey’s hole, straps on a condom, and Joey sits down on Juan’s big fat dick – taking the whole thing as he bobs up and down. Juan decides to take control and puts Joey on all fours and fucks him from behind doggie style.

I don’t know what the hell Joey’s saying as he gets fucked but I can tell he’s loving it! When it’s time to blow his load Joey decides that he wants it on his face. He gets down on his knees devours Juan’s dick until Juan can’t keep it in. He shoots a load all over Joey’s face right before Joey shoots his own wad all over his tight little stomach.

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Canko bares it all. The cute and shy looking twink from Prague knows what people like about him. With his cute smile and nice and beautiful uncut euro boy meat we´re sure he will also win you over.

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