Official launch: Twinkscape

December 30, 2008 · Posted in Twinkscape 

A new gayporn site has been born and they have called it Twinkscape.

Twinkscape will chronicle the adventures of three twinks who accidentally receive a video camera from a sexy delivery guy. The roommates then decide to start a porn website with the camera, hoping to make enough money to buy a game console. Each scene in the series follows a few of the guys as they attempt to create scenes for their site. The series dialogue is written and sets are designed from the perspective of the roomates.

There’s lots of parody and comedy to be found here too, but the sex scenes themselves are top-notch. Each scene features one or more of the roomates filming in the scenes, but is also captured with professional high-def cameras. Depending on who is in the scene, some of the scenes contain substantial [character point of view] or actually have a twink being filmed while filming himself, and the viewer is shown footage from both perspectives. For a filming technique, we think this is substantially different from what you may be used to. Its intensly vouristic by nature.

Twinkscape will be updated once a week, but there is a nice number of movies available for you already.

Join Twinkscape right now and get access to all the full length movies.


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