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It was the last day of our stay at the borrowed desert resort house. That is one fucking fun house — beautifully decorated and an awesome pool with complete privacy!

The guys had so much fun! They were able to horse around and sleep in and lay out by the pool and really get to each other. By the end of our four days they were slapping each other on the ass in a way that one of our camera guys called “love taps.” (Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes footage for some really funny stuff!)

Curtis, Rylan, and Trey were still horny as shit (especially Curtis, who was was wagging his big, heavy donkey dick all over the house!). Ken’s asshole was still very sore from being torn up by Rylan the day before, so unfortunately he had to sit this one out.

The plan was that the boys would take turns fucking each other and that’s just what they did. We started in the early afternoon, and they fucked each other inside and outside until early in the evening!

There’s even a little mouth cum swapping at the end! Check out the full length movie.

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Well, when Kip found he was able to come back out and have some fun on camera for us, I knew it’d make a lot of people happy! Many of his fans have been asking what has he been up to and if they’d be seeing him again. Further, I knew it would make me quite happy as well since he’s a great performer with a great look!

I wanted to make sure he jumped back into things with both feet, and so Derek made for an ideal partner in this video! If anyone is going to fuck a guy with tons of energy and enthusiasm, it’s Derek! He does precisely that here, as well, getting Kip to moan and whimper nonstop as he fucks him and working up an incredible sweat as these two studs go at it.

Check out Corbin Fisher and watch Kip getting fucked in this full length movie.

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Dominic appreciates a man that takes care of his body; but a great sense of humor and having something to say scores points with this Renaissance man as well. He’s versatile and likes to explore new things. He got an early start and has since perfected his craft. Today we plan on seeing just what this smooth, defined love toy can do. Dominic brought along a friend today. Gio Sumers is 19, single and cute as all hell. At 5’8” with a lean 117 lb. frame, this Chicago native is down in Florida enjoying the weather.

Both of the guys are well hung. The boys are getting nasty with some 69 cocksucking with Dominic at the bottom. After the sucking and ass rimming, the guys finish with some great cum shots. Dominic shoots his big creamy load allover his abs, while Gio jerks off to shoot his load way up high. I hope Extra Big Dicks will bring us more of Dominic and Gio as it would be very hot to see these guys in a hot fuck.

Check out Extra Big Dicks to see Dominic and Gio in this full length movie.

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Sean Cody

Dakota and Joey

Dakota fucks Joey

Sean Cody full length movie

Joey finally gets fucked up the ass! Yes, he’s been talking about it for a while, but now he gets a stiff one up his beefy, muscular ass.

The thing I like best about Joey is that there isn’t any pretense. He likes cock and isn’t afraid to admit it. He’s been fucked before and he was quite excited to be able to do it on camera!

Another thing about Joey is that he’s a ham. I loved the look on Dakota’s face when Joey attempted to charm him with a corny pickup line, bad “Arnold” impression and all! Continue…

Check out the full length movie overhere at Sean Cody.

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Men Hard At Work

Vance fucks his teacher

Ken and Vance

Older and younger

Vance comes back to visit his favorite teacher, Mr. Mack, to get a reference letter to go to college. Mr. Mack is happy to oblige his star pupil, and even happier to celebrate this homecoming with a little bit of bone cumming.

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Randy Blue

Cody, Reese and Xander

Hot threesome at Randy Blue

Gay threeway

What do you get when you put three Randy Blue favorites in one video? You get one hot video that will be sure to drain every drop of cum you can possibly produce. First you have Reese Rideout, who’s just as hot as can be.

His muscular body shows off his dedication to rigorous gym workouts. The perfect balance of lean athleticism and passionate bodybuilding. Then we have Xander Scott, who’s physical robustness is second only to his angelic face. At one moment incredibly sexy, another he’s making you laugh your ass off.

His hijinks on the set and his playful moods lighten everyone’s spirits. And last, but definitely not least, we have Cody Fallon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This guy exudes pure sex. He walks into a room and people immediately sport hard ons. Even the women! Yes, he’s that sexy. A video with any two of these guys would be a guaranteed winner but put the three of them together and it’s unreal.

Xander and Reese have worked together before so I knew they would be perfect together but I was surprised that Cody hasn’t worked with either one of them up until now. He loved playing piggy in the middle with Xander ramming him hard as he chows down on Reese’s thick member.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you have to see to believe Reese sitting behind Xander smacking his ass and pushing his hips, causing him to give Cody the fucking of his life. And a 69 where Xander fucks Cody as he sucks off Reese? Talk about agility!

Watch the full length movie at Randy Blue.

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