Connor, Kyle and Dawson

February 1, 2008 · Posted in Corbin Fisher, Previews 

Corbin Fisher trio

Kyle and Connor are certainly two of the hottest new arrivals to CF and so I was tremendously eager to see what we could get them to do on camera and gauge their comfort levels around other guys.

I wanted to encourage them to try stuff out that would be new and different enough to make it all hot, but nothing too wild and crazy that could potential freak either of them out. After all, we’re going for hot! Not traumatic! haha.

A circle jerk was the perfect opportunity to see just how the guys would react to being in an unfamiliar situation with another guy. To help make things that much hotter, as well as run that much more smoothly, one of CF’s more experienced studs needed to be around to help things along.

Corbin Fisher threesome

Dawson was the perfect candidate for this, as he’s not only a guy other models can all easily relate to but is also so comfortable and easygoing in front of the cameras that his presence can’t help but put the other guys at ease and help make sure the video is more than just a couple nervous looking guys stroking themselves off and avoiding any and all eye contact or conversation with the other.

Indeed, having the guys check each other out a bit, contrast and compare, and talk to one another would be key to making this video as hot as possible, and Dawson would be key to helping that happen!

Corbin Fisher Trio

If you’re a fan of hot young blond men, you’d best be careful watching this video. Three of the hottest young blond men imaginable all strip down, share a bed, and stroke off side by side! It’s definitely intense! And one of the coolest parts of it all, to me, was the order in which the guys got off!

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