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College Dudes

Mark Talon is a sexy law student who does not mind showing us his briefs. . . and more! In this hot solo we see Mark stroke his cock for all it is worth, and you can tell he is really enjoying it.

College Dudes

Mark works up a sweat as he rubs his chest, plays with his humongous balls and fingers his juicy cock-head. This is a great jerk-off vid, and Mark knows how to turn people on. After he has stroked it all over the couch, he delivers a nice thick load of cum.

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Trevor fucks Travis at Corbin Fisher

Travis has had himself quite a wild time since first arriving here at Corbin Fisher and has already engaged in some pretty intense action with some other CF studs. Earning himself an ever-growing number of fans with each video, Travis has engaged in a number of really hot firsts and it’s time we take things to yet another new level as Travis gets fucked for the first time ever!

Trevor fucks Travis at Corbin Fisher

Trevor may seem like a strange candidate to take someone’s cherry for the sole reason that he has a big, big dick! Trevor’s tall frame is matched by a long, thick cock that can split a guy in two and you’d think that alone would be too much for any guy to take as their first dick.

But at the same time, Trevor is passionate, intense, and really knows how to put the guys around him at ease. He’s so chill and easygoing and such a cool guy that others are immediately comfortable around him. It was that effect that mattered more to me with this video, as I really wanted Travis to be as comfortable and at-ease as possible throughout this video, feeling that all mattered more than dick size.

Trevor fucks Travis at Corbin Fisher

Indeed, that turned out to be what really did matter most to Travis as he really got in to this video. While sucking Trevor’s big dick, he really looked like he was enjoying doing it and committed to it, despite some initial awkwardness. And when sitting on Trevor’s massive cock, Travis looked more fascinated by the entire experience than scared or anxious.

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Real boys

Ceslav hails from Prague and is 19 years of age. He has a nice uncut cock and a most fuckable little bubble butt, that he likes worked by a hard dick. He enjoys going out, meeting friends and doing all kind of sports.


When looking for sexpartners, he prefers the real live instead of the internet. At the weekends he often visits the `Friends` and `Bar21` in Prague, two places we can highly recommend when visiting the city.

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Adam and Maverick

Maverick was nervous, and could not believe how professional and relaxed Adam was. You may think Adam is gay, but when you talk to him about what’s going on in his world, clearly he is a straight guy. And that made Maverick feel more comfortable.

I told him he was going to have is ass eaten out, and he was saying a big “No” to that. So I had Adam try to show it off. He sure is uptight for a guy getting paid a lot to sit back and get blown.

Adam and Maverick

You can tell in this video that Maverick is having a tough time looking at himself getting sucked off by a dude. Finally at the end when he realized that Adam didn’t mind being cock choked, he amped it up a bit.

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Perfect Guyz

River is a super sexy Southern California stud. River is a competitive surfer. Like most natives of California he began surfing at an early age and has developed himself into a top athlete. He fine tunes his body with regimented gym training and by living a healthy lifestyle.

Perfect Guyz

His body is truly amazing; rock hard abs, powerful muscular legs and a beautiful, natural complement of body hair. Aside from his physical perfection, River is intelligent and charming.

He’s one of those guys that communicates through his eyes, with the most soul-catching blue eyes we’ve ever seen. Matched with a million dollar smile, he is very flirtatiousness. River is a superior guy; young, sexy, and sophisticated.

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Varsity Men

What a cutie! This week Varsity Men is featuring hot boy Cory! He is just 18 years old and has this sweet and innocent look. Well… innocent ? He sure doesn’t look like a virgin to me.

Varsity Men

Although Cory is only 18 years old, he has an impressive muscular body. And let’s not forget that big thick cock and that fine bubble butt. Heaven must be missing an angel !

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Sweet Adonis

Pavel wakes up early in the morning and is horny right away (another proof why they call it ´morning glory´ ;-). After teasing the cameara a little with his nude body and hard cock, he starts jerking his uncut polish meat for his and our pleasure. Pavel hails from a small town near Warsaw in the heart of Poland and is 19 years of age.

Sweet Adonis

If you like Polish and other uncut European boys as much as I do, then you should really check out Sweet Adonis. This site is packed with videos and photos of European boys in solo and hardcore scenes.

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Xtra Inches

Set in a city real estate office, dirty little blond dude Pete Ross is working alone. Pete looks innocent enough, all decked out in his well pressed tie. But behind those apple-pie good looks is something more complicated.

Xtra Inches

You see, gentlemen, he is another one of those guys who can’t control himself when presented with a dark, swarthy, hairy, tattooed, good looking Latin stud. And guess what? In walks exactly that in the form of Manuel Torres! His cock and Pete’s blond ass are the porn equivalent of must see TV!

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